Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shopaholic. But not really.

I mentioned a while back that I was going to post monthly spending totals for self accountability.

The reason I haven't done that is pure laziness/forgetfulness. Not that I'm ashamed about how much I spend (because I'm not). So, with that, some things I've purchased over the past couple months:
  • September was a very expensive month for me, mainly because of the big-ticket purchase that was my wedding dress. With alterations, it came to about $300. (Which is a lot for an item of clothing, but practically nothing for a wedding dress.)
  • While at a conference in Philadelphia in the end of September, I stopped in a great resale (not quite consignment or thrift) shop and picked up a cute skirt ($8, originally H&M) and a gorgeous black cocktail dress ($20, Maggy London). I wore the dress to our PA reception:
 [the best shot of the dress I could find, which, admittedly, isn't very good.]
  • I also bought a basic black v-neck shirt to replace an old flame at Gap ($7).
  • As you know, I got that Nine West bag ($35) I had been visiting in October. What a good purchase.
  • When getting my makeup done for the PA reception at the Clarins counter, I fell in love with this concealer/highlighter, and bought that ($30, ouch!).
  • I've been pretty good in November so far: two pairs of black tights (all of the ones in my drawer lost their elasticity) and one pair of black leggings (only to be worn with tunics! I promise!). All three for $23 (Hue, FTW).
But mostly, November has been a month for buying presents for others. But I can't tell about them here, because then my mom will know what I got her for Christmas.

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