Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Feet

Why are walking shoes so ugly??!!

In the summer of 2004, I injured my foot (can't remember which one) by walking too much/too hard in flip flops. I was forced to buy sneakers that were more supportive of the sides of my feet. I ended up finding some cute ones (that worked well with my summer work uniform-- I was voted one of the Best Dressed at the end of the summer), but my feet were always so hot! I want my feet to breathe!!!

So anyway, the foot healed (or heeled...get it?!), and I went back to my old ways.

But this past July, I did it again. I walked all over the great city of Philadelphia in a pair of flip flops and really hurt my left foot. This time, the bottom of it. It hurt to walk, no matter what shoes I was wearing (oh, except for high heels, oddly, which worked out, because that's what I wear to work. But it was weird putting on high heels to go everywhere. I felt so Mexican.*)

My foot has since healed again, but I now only wear flip flops very short distances (to the trash can, the mailbox, etc.). When Richie and I go for walks, I wear my running shoes, but what am I supposed to wear when I'm not walking for fitness? And I'm likely wearing a dress or skirt? (I rarely wear pants.)

The day before we got married, we walked all over Manhattan. My feet (well, mostly my knees) KILLED because I was wearing these:

...perfect for some things, so bad for most (like walking). How was it okay for basketball players to wear these back in the day?? So the search began for shoes that were 1) comfortable, 2) supportive, and 3) stylish. Since I had some success back in 2004, I didn't think it would be that hard. But man oh man, it might be impossible.

*I say this because women in my family (and other Mexican women I know/have heard of) wear heels/get dressed up every time they leave the house. I gotta respect it, but think they're crazy at the same time.

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