Friday, September 3, 2010

Walk Hard

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Richie and I started taking walks every night after dinner. It's lovely. Sometimes we walk with a purpose, like going to the Dairy Queen (1.2 uphill miles away) to get a mini blizzard or chocolate-dipped ice cream cone, and sometimes we just walk. I guess there's always a purpose, though, even if we're not going anywhere specific: to enjoy summer, get some exercise, talk, and-- my favorite-- DE-STRESS!!

I've noticed that sometimes, in the middle of the day, I think about where else we can go (or go past) on our walk that night. Last night, we were discussing our reception venue, so I thought it would be appropriate to walk out to one of the venues we looked at back when our budget was much larger. Even though our smaller budget is making the venue search* much more difficult, I'm glad we're not budgeting to spend a ton of money on the facility itself. What we save (and get from my parents) is going to the food and our honeymoon. That's what's important to us.

So now we're frantically** looking for an offbeat, inexpensive venue to host this intimate party of ours.  I'm emailing places like crazy, but of course, the less "venue-y" they are, the longer their response time is bound to be.

Why is this part of the country so vanilla in some ways (hotel banquet rooms) and expensive in others (the cool venues I would actually want are ridiculously priced)???  Augh. I need to take a walk.

*While we unofficially selected a venue, we're getting cold feet about it because the proprietor has been MIA-- completely unresponsive-- for over two weeks. You'd think he'd be hounding us for our deposit!
**Okay, so we have time. But we imagine our date is pretty popular, so we're trying to hurry.

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