Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

He shot me down, bang bang

 [from I did a search for hairstyles with bangs using the handy new tool]

So the last time I got my hair cut was at the verrry beginning of July. Since I'm growing it out, I probably could have waited longer to get another trim, but the thing is, the lady kind of effed it up. All of the ends were cut so bluntly, I couldn't straighten it without looking like the 6 year-old version of myself that cut my own hair with safety scissors out of boredom and curiosity.

Part of the reason I'm growing my hair out is that I really (REALLY) don't want to shell out the money for a haircut every 4-6 weeks. It adds up! So I was delighted to discover a mystery shopping opportunity at a local hair place where I would be compensated $5 on top of full cut reimbursement.

So I got my layers livened up, and on top of all that, asked for bangs. I took this photo of the lovely Zooey Deschanel, and my stylist delivered. The shape is right (longer on the sides), but the middle isn't quite short enough, so I'm forced to push them to the side. Hey, side bangs are nice too though! I might do a little trim myself (this time not with safety scissors)...just to see.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I think I'm losing weight.

I say this for three reasons:
1. Whenever I lose weight, I never feel like I'm actually losing weight. In fact, it always feels like I'm gaining weight (seriously-- in Costa Rica, while I thought I was plumping up on rice and beans-- and beer-- I was actually dropping two sizes). Which is how I've felt until I took the point I just made, plus the two points below into consideration.
2. People have commented that I look like I've lost weight.
3. My rings are too big! Even on the hot days. I always wear a ring on my right middle finger. Usually it's the same one, a big, clunky silver ring I bought in Taxco, Mexico. When that started feeling loose (it even flew off while dancing at a wedding), I switched to other rings I typically wear on my middle finger...but those are loose too! Lately I haven't been wearing a ring on my right hand at all, because the ones for my ring finger are still too small for my middle finger.

Anyway, losing weight isn't really the plan for me (but, like in Knocked Up, tightening up a bit is), so it's kind of funny to do it accidentally. I just hope that will still be the case when I'm in my 30s! (It probably won't be, so I'm savoring it now.)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So Glad That You Exist

Okay okay okay, I'm giving a separate wedding blog another shot. For real this time. Check out So Glad That You Exist...I republished a lot of posts there, just to keep things together.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Walk Hard

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Richie and I started taking walks every night after dinner. It's lovely. Sometimes we walk with a purpose, like going to the Dairy Queen (1.2 uphill miles away) to get a mini blizzard or chocolate-dipped ice cream cone, and sometimes we just walk. I guess there's always a purpose, though, even if we're not going anywhere specific: to enjoy summer, get some exercise, talk, and-- my favorite-- DE-STRESS!!

I've noticed that sometimes, in the middle of the day, I think about where else we can go (or go past) on our walk that night. Last night, we were discussing our reception venue, so I thought it would be appropriate to walk out to one of the venues we looked at back when our budget was much larger. Even though our smaller budget is making the venue search* much more difficult, I'm glad we're not budgeting to spend a ton of money on the facility itself. What we save (and get from my parents) is going to the food and our honeymoon. That's what's important to us.

So now we're frantically** looking for an offbeat, inexpensive venue to host this intimate party of ours.  I'm emailing places like crazy, but of course, the less "venue-y" they are, the longer their response time is bound to be.

Why is this part of the country so vanilla in some ways (hotel banquet rooms) and expensive in others (the cool venues I would actually want are ridiculously priced)???  Augh. I need to take a walk.

*While we unofficially selected a venue, we're getting cold feet about it because the proprietor has been MIA-- completely unresponsive-- for over two weeks. You'd think he'd be hounding us for our deposit!
**Okay, so we have time. But we imagine our date is pretty popular, so we're trying to hurry.