Tuesday, August 24, 2010

America's Next Top Bride

Photographer, check!

That third contest I won was actually a first-come-first-served deal for Philadelphia brides. Because I'm fast like lightning, we got the deal! Half-off a celebrity wedding photographer (so he says, though I think he only did Nigel Barker's, but that's enough for me), whose rates were actually pretty reasonable in the grand scheme of the Wedding Industrial Complex in the first place.

We put down the deposit last night. WOO HOO!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To Do and TILFT

[I want a glamor shot like this. Bobbi + Mike via Southern Weddings]

To Do
  1. Put new mattress pad on bed
  2. Sign, scan, and send photography contract (aaahhhh!!)
  3. Save the dates

TILFT (Things I'm Looking Forward To)
  1. Sleeping on our new mattress pad
  2. Providence/Cape trip and a wedding of a dear friend!!!
  3. Another wedding! They're serving Indian food, which is great, because I am seriously getting my crave on right now.
  4. Payday.
  5. My mom's visit!!!! (in less than 10 weeks!)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Uh oh guys, I have a serious shopping bug right now.

The proof?

I bought three (augh, 3!) pairs of shoes in the last, um, week.


But they were all deeply, deeply discounted.


And I'll wear each of them quite a few times, I think.


Plus, I can't tell you the last time I bought shoes before those three....I really can't.

I got:
These (cuter on/in person)...


...and these!

[all Rocket Dog, oddly, and all from Famous Footwear]

Problem is: the bug just isn't going away. But I'm going to do my darndest to ignore it (now). My clothing/jewelry/accessories budget is smaller than I want it to be right now, and I was good last month (approximately $70 on work clothing) so I'm going to continue to be good this month. In fact, I'm planning on posting totals when this month is over so that I can hold myself accountable!

Now that will be an interesting read.

Oh, but I do love Anthropologie...

Haha, check out this post I stumbled upon at A Los Angeles Love.

That is exactly what I was talking about yesterday!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hi, I'm Nina, and I'm a Planaholic.

 [image from Martha, of course]

I was having a Save the Date dilemma. The kind where you want to be crafty and do things entirely on your own, but you also want them to look professional.

While I am pretty creative and crafty, sometimes getting professional quality from a DIY project just isn't in the cards. And I have to accept that. So now I have to make up my mind between a flawed product that I did myself (plus a sense of accomplishment) and a higher quality product with a price tag to match.

I spent some time browsing professional options and others' DIY projects, and think I have made up my mind. So start checking your mailboxes soon!

I imagine this dilemma will be a theme throughout wedding planning. Of course I want an amazing, Martha-worthy wedding full of perfect little handmade details, but I also need to accept the fact that I have a full-time job, hobbies outside of work and wedding planning, and friends to visit with.

If there were Wedding Planaholics Anonymous meetings, their motto would be: 'One project at a time.'

Friday, August 13, 2010


[from Maro Designs]

So, as I discovered during a round of dress-up last night (see yesterday's post), I do not own an off-white woven leather belt anymore. I didn't wear it very often, and when I did, it was only okay (which is why I didn't wear it often). So during this last move-- or was it the one prior?-- I donated it. I hope someone else loves it and doesn't think it's only okay.

And for a quick wedding update (so much progress!), the following items are in the works:
-Reception venue
-Save the dates

AND...I won another contest!!!  (Another two, actually, but one I'm keeping hush-hush until I know more about it.) While not a huge prize, I won a kit of felt lips, mustaches, and glasses on sticks to be used as props in photos (pictures above). Not sure if they will make an appearance at the reception yet, but they will certainly be fun to have around!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wedding Wear

Wedding season is upon us!  Well, not mine. And it's really probably in full-swing, but the weddings I'm going to this year are both happening this month.

The gifts have been bought, the hotel rooms have been reserved.  What is there left to do?  Why, pick out my outfits, of course! Because money's tight, I'm going to "shop my closet" for my looks.

[Note: I don't necessarily own all of these items-- just things similar. The images are the closest representations of the pieces I actually I own I could find.]

Wedding #1: Cape Cod. Afternoon. Ceremony in a church, outdoor reception at a farm.
-Cool, light material
-Covered shoulders for ceremony (sleeves, convertible or accessory)
-Flats or wedges (lawn)

Here's what I'm thinking. Imagine the dress is more white, with small blue dots. And any metal accents are silver, not bronze/gold/brass colored.

What I actually have:
Dress: J. Crew, thrifted
Shoes: Aerosoles, Marshalls (or something like it)
Scarf: gift
Belt: Badass Diesel double-wrap, thrifted
Locket: vintage, gift
Clutch: vintage, thrifted

The scarf would be to cover my shoulders in the church. I can leave it in the car when we get to the reception.  I'm also undecided on which scarf to take. I have a couple pretty ones in teal, so that's why I picked teal for this board.

Wedding #2: New Jersey. Evening. Ceremony and reception in a backyard.
-Cool, light material
-Flats or wedges (lawn)
-Extra-stylish because many NYC folks will be there, haha-- the pressure's on!

Dress: unsure of the brand, Filene's Basement, Boston (the original...sob)
Shoes: BC Footwear (ostrich!), Marshalls
Necklace: vintage costume jewelry, gift? thrifted?
Pearl earrings: gift
Belt: Urban Outfitters, way back when
Clutch: vintage, thrifted

Okay, to be honest, I'm not really thrilled with these stylings (I think I need more POW! COLOR!). I'm going to have to go home and play a good old fashioned couple rounds of dress up!

Thoughts? Ideas?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Followers of this blog know that I have been growing my hair out, but that I don't really have a goal length. The plan was just to keep going and then I'll know when I get there.

Well, thanks to an email from DailyMakeover.com, I have found my goal hair!!!

Here it is, on ScarJo:

I like that it hits at about the collarbone (one of my favorite assets), and is still short enough to be spunky, but long enough to actually DO things with it. And I think it will take to my waves very nicely, but also look sleek if I straighten it.

If I manage to get to this length and keep it through June 11, maybe I'll be able to do something like this for the wedding:

 [not sure where this image came from]

I'm guessing I'll be there within the next six months.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good News!!!

So about my last post: turns out my neighborhood Gap doesn't carry swimwear.  Or sale items.

But remember this?!

...I WON!!!

I swore I didn't, because if you followed the polls, "He Loves Me Nautical" was way in the lead.  But I'm wondering if there was some sort of a glitch or something, because the turn-around of the winner announcement from when the contest ended was awfully long (other contest winners get announced right away).  So I double-checked, and what do you know, I really did win!!!

The ladies over at Project Wedding put me in touch with the designers at 57Grand, so now I'm waiting to see how we do this.