Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hairspiration: Urgent!

It had been over six months since my last real haircut (I did a couple bathroom trims myself over the months), and it was time to finally even out my asymmetrical sides and get some shaping done.  Yesterday, I tried my luck at Supercuts.  The pieces of hair that I used to measure progress were chopped off (I knew they'd have to be) when my long side was trimmed to match the short side.  Everything seemed good.

When I did my hair this morning, I realized that while my hair has been evened out, there is a pretty drastic difference between my front/side layers and my back layers.  It's perfect for ponytails, but not so good for....just about any other 'do.

So I'm off to Supercuts after work again today for something a little more like this:

Ellen Barkin.  So hot right now.  Ellen Barkin.

Wish me luck!

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