Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mad Skillz

 Check out my skillz in shopping justification:


The photo above is of a pair of swim bottoms at Gap.  They're on sale (at least they are online), and they are exactly the cut of swim bottoms that I have been looking for.  I have a few pairs of underwear in that cut, and I love them.  Every time I wear them, I think, "why don't bathing suits come with bottoms like these?"  (If they do, they come with teeny-tiny tops that are fit for a toddler.)  Well Gap has finally delivered.  There's one up the street from me.  I'm hoping it has these bottoms.  In my size.  On sale.  Because I'm going to the beach on Saturday and I can't wait for shipping.

Also, I accidentally machine-washed a deep red blanket for the first time with some of Richie's clothes. His two favorite plaid, pearly-buttoned western shirts were casualties (barely, but still). Gap's a good place to find replacements.

Additionally, Richie's very stressed out right now and I'd like to do something nice for him. Replacing his casual shirts in time for Casual Friday (instead of in August like I promised) sounds good to me!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Just Shoot Us

So I'm not a fan of spending money on engagement photos, which is why we aren't.

...We're getting them for free!!!

After some (who am I kidding?  LOTS of) research, I tracked down a recent photography grad from U Arts in Philadelphia regarding our wedding photos.  She had already teamed up with two fellow grads to create their own business, but their portfolios were a little more artsy and a little less real people-y.  So I asked if they'd be comfortable doing a free engagement session to seal the deal with us.  It's a win-win.  We get free photos, get to try on a photographer for size, and they get to beef up their portfolio, and, if they deliver, a client.  Awesome.

So since Richie can only listen to my fashion-related rants so many times, I'm turning to this blog to mention that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR!!!

Money's tight right now (I get paid at the end of the month, and at my 15th of the month checkpoint I wasn't in good shape, so...), so I won't be buying anything new for the shoot.

What I want:
  • A dress
  • Light, airy (it's going to be 90 degrees!)
  • Solid color (maybe neutral)
  • Some kind of statement jewelry (that pops against the neutral, light, airy dress, yes?)
  • Cute, comfortable shoes.  I hurt my foot last weekend and am actually more comfortable in heels.  So maybe a nice sturdy pair of wedges will fit the bill.
  • My hat, maybe?  I don't want to over-accessorize, but both Richie and I wear this hat and it makes for a nice photo prop.
 AND THEN, I need another outfit, since these things usually require a couple looks.  Looks like it's time to go shopping in my closet!

Friday, July 2, 2010

wait for it...


I will Yelp about the experience soon, but for now I will say that I love it and can't wait to pick out my shoes, jewelry, and other accessories (belt?  fascinator?) to go with it!

Oh, what the heck-- here's a picture:

Look familiar?  That's right!  I posted it as one that I liked even before going shopping!  I love that it has a kind of vintage vibe (I got it in ivory).

So my next move will be the shoes.  I'm thinking red.  Or yellow.  Or camel.  Closed toe.  Heels.  Like:



[report via zappos]

I'm willing to spend more money on wedding shoes than I normally spend on shoes, so I really would like for them to be rewearable (to events and maybe even the office), so they can't be too crazy!  I also would like them to go well not only with the dress itself (obviously), but with its vintage-y style. 

Really, I just need to start shopping!!

More accessory posts coming soon.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hairspiration: Urgent!

It had been over six months since my last real haircut (I did a couple bathroom trims myself over the months), and it was time to finally even out my asymmetrical sides and get some shaping done.  Yesterday, I tried my luck at Supercuts.  The pieces of hair that I used to measure progress were chopped off (I knew they'd have to be) when my long side was trimmed to match the short side.  Everything seemed good.

When I did my hair this morning, I realized that while my hair has been evened out, there is a pretty drastic difference between my front/side layers and my back layers.  It's perfect for ponytails, but not so good for....just about any other 'do.

So I'm off to Supercuts after work again today for something a little more like this:

Ellen Barkin.  So hot right now.  Ellen Barkin.

Wish me luck!