Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good Things.

Soooo I'm out of my apartment.  I've officially been out for a week now, and living at Richie's place...along with all of my possessions, in boxes, taking up half of his living room.

I packed a suitcase full of work/play clothes that would do just fine for a vacation, but I quickly realized that I simply didn't pack enough for 3 weeks' worth of going to work (and seeing the same people who may or may not notice my embarrassing outfit repeats).  So a couple days ago, when I stopped into Marshalls to replace my broken sunglasses and returned sandals (too small), I ended up leaving with three new shirts.  All very preppy (nay, fresh!), one is a crisp, white tuxedo-style shirt, another is a cute, belted button-up, and the third is a classic black and white striped polo shirt.  Hellooooo summer!  Now I just need to find those sunglasses and sandals, since Marshalls disappointed on that front.  (Also, an A/C-friendly brassiere, if you know what I'm sayin'.)

And speaking of summer, last night Richie and I seized the perfect weather and took in a (boring, with no runs, but still enjoyable) minor league game in Trenton.  First row, third base line...doesn't get any better than that, really.  Gotta love the minor leagues-- never a bad seat in the house.

So that stuff happened.  Now, Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. NYC on Sunday!  Richie's sister's birthday is Sunday and she wants to celebrate with a picnic and some meandering at the Renegade Craft Fair.  I've always wanted to go the RCF, and I'm a sucker for picnics.

2. June 7th marks the beginning of the new season of the show I'm most embarrassed to admit I watch: The Secret Life of an American Teenager.  It's so, so bad.

3. June 15th: our lease officially starts and we can start moving in.  We're planning to move kitchen and bathroom stuff in and get it all set up before the movers (have I mentioned how excited I am to have movers this time?!) take over on the 18th.

4. June 25th: I'm off to LA for business!  And I get to stay a few extra days and have family/friends fun time, which includes lots of eating of delicious Mexican food, and....TRYING ON DRESSES!!!  Yaaaaaay!!!

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