Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Oh good LORD!  Have I been busy!

In list form, because you know I love them:
1. Started new job.  Immediately things were crazy because the annual gala was only about 2 weeks after I started, and my position has a LOT to do with the planning and implementation of it.
2. Got engaged!  We set a goal date of June 12, 2011, so we have a LOT of time to plan, but because 1) I'm so excited to start planning and 2) people have been pressuring me to make decisions already, I jumped right into the planning process.
3. Aforementioned annual gala at work.  Success!
4. Venue hunting, guest list generating, budget making.
5. Old work's mini-fundraiser, Prom, also a success!
6. Start working on another event at work, a conference THIS Saturday.
7. Venue finding!!!  We're putting a deposit down and getting the date we wanted!
8. Work/Wedding/Work/Wedding/Work/Wedding (and so on).

Stay tuned for all the fun wedding stuff (and likely some serious venting/things that I think are funny because I'm delirious) like dresses and details I'm considering!

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