Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing Dress-Up!!!

So, as I was talking to my amazing ex-facebook girlfriend today, I realized that I really need to be better about taking pictures of things.  And then posting them.

As it turns out, my phone has a pretty kickass camera.  Kodak, in fact.  So I really have no excuse when it comes to being out and about without my camera-camera.  Or being out of batteries.  Only thing is, I haven't figured out how to zoom.

ANYWAY, I'm home sick today, and while I feel like crap, I definitely have enough energy to play dress-up and make a pile of the clothes I don't want anymore.  I'm still so productive!  Dress-up is especially fun this time, because I actually have a few events for which I needed to do some outfit planning.

First up: Yelp's Homegrown Party!  It's the biggest Yelp event of the year, with free food, drinks, mini-manicures, shoe shining, mustache-trimming, hair consultations, retail showcases, and music!  The first hour of the event is for Elite members, and the dress code is Eco-Chic, Cocktail Best.  I thought I'd bust out an oldie (8th grade graduation) that's perfect for spring:

Next event: Prom!  The theme is Through the Decades, and we're supposed to dress according to our favorite decade.  I don't have the dough (or figure) to buy a glamorous '30s gown like this one:


So I went to my closet to see what I already had.  In chronological order...


Sorry about the picture angles-- it's hard to capture the details of this dress when taking pictures by myself.  It's very flapper, and I would wear it with some gray Madden Girl heels (very retro), and some DIY ostrich feather headband (I already have the feathers, I would need the band).  Oh, and I can't forget the long string of pearls!

[please ignore the bra straps and crew socks!]

This was my senior prom dress!  I don't know what shoes I'd wear with it...probably some black patent leather pumps.
[from, but can I just say that I bought a pair of shoes like these from Payless like 4 or 5 years ago and they're still going strong!!!]


If you remember, I bought this dress for Richie's annual gala at work.  Well, it's my work now instead (!!!), and since I'll be an employee instead of a guest, I'm going to wear something else (more on this next).  I'm not sure about this for prom though, because I think the fit was more of a compromise than I had originally thought.  Here it is with a belt (WARNING: major boob shot):

[See what I mean about the fit?  Look at where the under-boob seam is.]

I'd definitely go with all yellow gold on this one!!!  Not sure about the shoes, because believe or not, I DON'T have a pair of cherry red heels.

I'm leaning towards the 1920s because I can do the most with the outfit.  Richie's just going to wear a nice suit, a shirt with French cuffs (so that he can snazz it up with some cufflinks), a skinny tie, pocket square, and I'll lend him a fedora for a classic (early) 60s look:


Finally, the Annual Gala!  Since my new job will have a lot to do with running this thing, I want to go with a slightly more polished, professional look.  I think last year's Prom dress might be just the thing:

[at Prom, 2009-- wearing the Payless shoes!]

Except, to add visual interest and a little more personality this time, I'm going to switch out the belt for this beaut I bought at the vintage store down the street from my apartment:

As for shoes, again, not sure.  I think these look AMAZING (actually, my legs look amazing in them), but I'm concerned that they'll be too much if I'm running around all night:

[Kenneth Cole Reaction]

What do you think???

Also (and this is exciting stuff), I decided to straighten my hair for the first time in AGES, and this is what it looks like:
[I'm pleased!]

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Bobbie said...

Look at all those pictures! I think the 20s will be the most fun! And your figure looks smokin', lady - as does the hair.

Love you too. So much.