Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Marching through March

The sun woke me up.  And not in an annoying way.

Can it just be spring already?!

Honestly, I was never that into spring.  Because it meant that summer was coming, and summer was just too hot!  But when I moved to the east coast, suddenly summer was a good thing, and spring was even better (for a little while anyway), because it meant people would actually start to leave their houses again, my skin would stop being so chapped and rashy (sexy, I know), and the sun would be out more days than not.  Pretty soon I'll be able to take my lunch breaks outside, go for walks without purpose, and start running again, which I actually really enjoy.


And isn't it weird/amazing/great that in the spring, we suddenly feel like we're capable of anything?  The winter just feels so...heavy.  But in spring, we (or at least I) have so much more energy, so much more gusto to do the things I want to do....heck, even the things I don't want to do but I know I have to do them!

Some great things happening this spring:
  • Events, events, events!  Four, in fact: two major fundraisers, one lecture/awards ceremony, and one dance.
  • House-hunting with the boy.  Yes, we are indeed moving in together (this summer), and we have some pretty strict criteria, so it could be a long (and grueling?  nah, I love this stuff) process.  
We're looking for something like this:
[image from bletchleypark.org.uk]
  • Hopefully some weekend trips taken by me/to me!  (Although the by me part is unfortunately unlikely given my hectic work schedule-- see bullet #1-- and my dismal financial situation.)

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Madmom said...

Okay, if you find that house, I am indeed moving in to the west wing.