Monday, March 1, 2010

Hair baby; there, mama

It has been a while since I've posted about my hair and the progress I've been making in growing it out/finding a new style.

The reason?  I got it cut back in November.  And then trimmed it in December.  It was a fun jaunt into punky asymetry (seen here, kind of), but now I'm growing it out again.  It's still asymmetrical, but because I usually wear it curly, it's harder to tell.

I know I look/feel better when my hair is short (from a pixie to chin-length), but the trurth is, I am SO CURIOUS about what I'd look/feel like with longer hair.  I cut my hair into a pixie right before high school started, and the longest it has been since then is about shoulder length, which didn't last long because I got impatient.  Another reason I want to grow it out (for real this time) is because I really want to accomplish a goal!  I've done this a couple times before and always end up cutting it.  I know it will be frustrating, but I bet it will feel good to actually reach my goal length (which is pretty long).  And how am supposed to know if I like it if I never make it to the length I (think I) want?  Two more reasons: 1) As women get older, they tend to cut their hair.  Why not do the reverse?  I have a lot of silver hairs coming in that I really love, and I can better embrace them with longer locks.  2) I'm obviously totally into accessorizing, and I think different hairstyles will be yet another way to change up my look from day to day.  Not to mention the fact that a log of hair accessories are better used on longer hair (like headbands, fascinators, etc.). 

Some looks I'd love to try when my hair is long:
[image from --highly recommended hair source]

[oops, lost the original source-- found it through google image search]

[image from]


Bobbie said...

I doooo enjoy the many stages o' Nina-hair!

Madmom said...

You plan to grow it that long? Wow, I thought my bob was long. Good luck Pix and patience...