Friday, March 19, 2010

Biz Lady

I need to start bringing in some extra dough, and soon.  Moving is always so expensive, and this one might be a little bit more expensive than the others because I am actually going to be hiring movers.  I can justify this, so it's okay.  (Richie is hiring movers, and because you pay them by the man and by the hour-- not by location/how much stuff you have-- I'm throwing my place/stuff into the mix and chipping in.  I don't have NEARLY as much furniture as he does, so it will not even be close to half of the bill.  And sooo much less of a head/backache.)

One way that I've brought in a little extra money in the past was from ebay and etsy sales.  I have yet to post a few things on ebay (I have a couple un- and gently-worn dresses and shoes that will probably do well), but I just finished putting a few items on etsy!  Check them out here.  I have more things set aside to post, but I think I'll start of slowly so that I don't get overwhelmed.

Another thing I plan to do is sell a couple DVDs on Amazon.  We all have the ones we bought on a whim and only watched once!

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Bobbie said...

Gah - I have a few pairs of shoes to sell off but it is such a pain for me. You are inspiring! xoxo.