Monday, February 22, 2010

Cha Ching!

I did some shopping over the weekend, and let me just say this: I cleaned up!

I had a serious thrifting bug on Saturday, so I went to a place I visited maybe a month ago and liked.  There, I found:

1. Hot, hot, hot Aldo boots that look like this but brown and without the strappy thing:
[photo from]

2. A beautiful little hand painted creamer that I didn't need but was totally blown away by how gorgeous it was.

3. A kitschy vintage tin for my coffee (experimenting with coffee storage techniques).

4. A narrow wool tie.  The kind that just stops flat and doesn't come to a point.  I really liked the colors (gray and pinkish) and think it will be a rather versatile accessory.

5. A scarf (like the silk kind, not the keep-you-warm kind) made from two scarves of corresponding patterns that will also be quite versatile.

AND THEN, on Sunday, Richie and I went to the outlets with his parents, where I found:
1. A $15 springy/summery dress at Ann Taylor Loft

...and that's it.

BUT, before we left for the outlets, Richie's mom gave me two hand-me-downs:
1. A green sweater (that's decidedly not very "me" but it's nice and I can certainly channel Tim Gunn and make it work).
2. A brand new Coach bag.  Also not very "me" given it's a purse that costs more than $30, but it's not very Coach-y and actually pretty cute!

Okay, this really isn't very interesting without pictures.  My bad.

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