Wednesday, February 3, 2010


So I'm constantly looking for projects. Right now is definitely not the time to be looking, though, since a job search can be considered the project of all projects. Despite this (and partially because of this-- to be explained later), the search continues.

Of course I've considered the blogosphere for a direction of this here project. I tried my sexuality blog-- Beth Bruce. I can see it really catching on, but I talk about that stuff all day and going home to Beth Bruce dot blogspot dot com seemed like overtime. I tried a foodie blog-- Serious Grindage. Also a good idea, but I'm pretty broke, and just don't have the money to be trying new places with the amount of gusto I would like for a food-centric blog. I've been particularly inspired by fashion blogs (like diaries of what ordinary people are wearing each day), but do I have the discipline to take a picture of myself every day? I also read event/wedding planning blogs pretty regularly. Obviously I'm not planning a wedding anytime soon, but I'm thinking I might have something there.

For example, I'm planning a birthday party for this weekend. Most of the grunt-work is done, and because it's a small party, I'm not putting too, too much thought into this one, but I think it will still have my quirky, creative signature on it. So I was thinking about that. Also, I was at happy hour with an engaged friend on Monday, and of course the conversation turned to wedding planning. She's one of those girls (and I'm always shocked to learn that these girls exist) that never thought about her wedding until after she got engaged. While I'm sure that makes A LOT of the planning process easier, it can certainly make the other half (or so) very difficult.

So what about a general party-planning blog? MAYBE (and here's where the job stuff comes in), just maybe, it'll catch on and I'll start getting sponsors. And requests to help plan things. And free stuff.

Since the progress of this job search is looking decidedly administrative (no event planning), the blog would be an actual creative outlet for me instead of an extension of my day job...


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