Wednesday, January 20, 2010


My birthday is a week from tomorrow, but it seems as though I'm getting all of my presents this week!

My birthday box from home is in town-- the first delivery attempt was yesterday evening, but I should get it for real tonight. Thanks, Mom!

And on Monday night, Richie took me to his favorite local music store and bought me a BEAUTIFUL guitar. It's gently (and I mean gently) used, and sounds just about as good as it looks.

That's my baby! Her name is Caroline.

More birthday plans:
Today, I'm returning a gift I bought for my mom for Christmas (then changed my mind and got her something else) to my favorite vintage jewelry place in the city. She only does exchanges, so I might have to pick out a nice little bauble for myself. Darn!

Next Wednesday, some friends are coming over to see my place, and then we're going to dinner in my 'hood. I can't decide if I want Mexican, gourmet pizza, or something else.

[On my actual birthday, I'll probably just go to Richie's and watch Project Runway-- in real time! All of my plans ended up being scheduled for every day but the 28th.]

Friday the 29th, Richie and I are going to see The Invention of Lying at the little theater across the street from my apartment. They play movies that have come and gone from regular theaters at a discount-- popcorn included!

Saturday the 30th, Richie's parents are taking us out to my favorite restaurant in Delaware County-- I haven't been there in over a year!

My birthday season will end with an evening at the Philadelphia Roller Derby! It's a double-header and man oh man, am I excited. I got VIP tickets...they include a goodie bag!

Happy Birthday to ME!

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