Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Love, unexpected.

Inspired by this post from Kasmira of What I Wore Today, I thought I would also discuss tights. (For those of you uninterested in link-clicking, she posted a video review of We Love Colors tights.)

I don't own any We Love Colors tights, so I can't speak to whether I agree or disagree with Kasmira. What I want to discuss is a particular evil store with surprisingly heavenly tights: Walmart and their store-brand, George.

One of the few things I asked for for Christmas was tights. I rarely wear pants anymore, so an investment in good quality tights is absolutely necessary. Santa did well, and I received several pairs of Hue tights (which are great), and several pairs of George tights. My mom-- er, I mean, Santa-- admitted to buying the latter brand at Walmart.

I've worn each of the George tights by now, and I gotta say: I really like them!

+ Easy to slip on.
+ Thick.
+ Don't snag easily.
+ Don't sag easily, either.
+ I don't know, but given the retailer, I imagine the price is quite attractive. (Unable to find them listed on Walmart.com, but recently came across another review that said they were $5. !!!)

- The pattern stops at the upper-to-mid thigh, where it changes to just a solid color. I will not be wearing them with any miniskirts.
- They're from Walmart.

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