Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Have a Ball

Richie's place of employment is having its annual fundraiser, The Crystal Ball, in April. I'm on the auction committee and will obviously be his date to the event, so you know what that means: gown time!!! I thought that maybe I'd make do with whatever's in my closet, but all of my dresses are decidedly cocktaily, and, after looking at pictures from previous years' events (and looking at the price tag per plate), this thing absolutely calls for an actual gown.

When I was home in December, I tried on my high school prom dresses. Funny, they fit everywhere but the bust. Last week I tried on Richie's sister's high school prom dresses. While one of them was a great fit and very classy, it had a stain. So it's shopping time! At least it will be soon, when I have some dough (though I have put myself on a VERY strict budget for this badboy).

What I would love is a gorgeously-draped, red carpet-worthy Grecian number, a la:
(I especially love the bottom three.)

So here are a few potentials from Macy's, though all are knee-length:

(I would get this one in a fuchsia, not white.)

I had considered this emerald gem (get it?) from Modcloth.com, but dismissed it because it might be too casual. But given the shorter styles at Macy's (and assuming my styling will be off the chain), maybe I should reconsider?

The search continues!

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