Tuesday, January 5, 2010

CA recap

California was AMAZING. The details, in blurbs and pictures:

Thursday, Dec. 17th: Richie and I got in to SF at around 12:30pm and spent the afternoon and evening wandering around Chinatown and Union Square (where our swank-ass hotel room was, courtesy of Brother John). We even took pictures at the top of Coit Tower at sunset. That night, met up with dear old Anna for dinner and a walk. Perfect first day!

Friday, Dec. 18th: We walked from Union Square to Golden Gate park, had lunch in Haight-Ashbury, took a cab to Pier 39 (no sea lions in sight! sad face.), trekked up a hill to Ghiradelli Square, then cabbed it back to our hotel in time to grab our bags and hop on a train to Dublin, where Brother John, my mom, and cousin Heather were meeting us!

Saturday, Dec. 19th: Another lovely day in San Fran, with a matinee of Wicked and an amazing Italian dinner afterward.

Sunday, Dec. 20th: Drove from Dublin to Fresno with a stop at the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz and Casa de Fruta in Hollister.

Monday, Dec. 21st: Finished up my Christmas shopping/gave Richie a tour of the plastic part of Fresno before going to Christine and Ryan's for a delicious lasagna dinner!

Tuesday, Dec. 22nd: Went to the nursery with my mom and played on the tractors. Helped my dad finish up his Christmas shopping.

Wednesday, Dec. 23rd: Matthew and Melinda came into town the night before, but had to run errands during the day, so Richie and I went to Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks (GORGEOUS!). Then the four of us went to dinner with my dad and his ladyfriend.

Thursday, Dec. 24th: We treated Christmas Eve like Christmas morning because M&M had to head back to LA in the afternoon.

Friday, Dec. 25th: Took Richie on a tour of West Fresno, visited with Jenna, Steve, and Audrie, stopped by my aunt's house, and then had dinner (amazing chipotle mac and cheese) with my mom and Brother John.

Saturday, Dec. 26th: Back to Philly! We drove back up to SF and flew to Atlanta where we got delayed and our ride back in Philly bailed on us. We eventually made it home, though, completely exhausted from the trip!

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