Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Retro Nina- 2003

 [from here.]

On this day in 2003, I posted the following to my blog:

It's not even Thanksgiving yet, and I'm already getting into the Christmas mood...yes, I am listening to Christmas songs.  Do you blame me?  Artists of all sorts of genres united in the mission to spread holiday cheer.  Isn't it wonderful?

Sure is. Almost all of my shopping is done and I'm counting down until we leave for California to celebrate.

What I have noticed since moving to the East Coast is that my love for Thanksgiving has dwindled. I used to get jealous for Thanksgiving when Christmas would push it out of focus even before it happened. Thanksgiving is the best. It's about family and home and warmth.

But I haven't spent Thanksgiving at home since 2002. And I haven't spent Thanksgiving with family (my family) since 2003.

Thanksgiving was the best. Now, it's a gateway holiday to Christmas. When I get to spend time with my family, at home, and feel the warmth.

Christmas is the best.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Shopaholic. But not really.

I mentioned a while back that I was going to post monthly spending totals for self accountability.

The reason I haven't done that is pure laziness/forgetfulness. Not that I'm ashamed about how much I spend (because I'm not). So, with that, some things I've purchased over the past couple months:
  • September was a very expensive month for me, mainly because of the big-ticket purchase that was my wedding dress. With alterations, it came to about $300. (Which is a lot for an item of clothing, but practically nothing for a wedding dress.)
  • While at a conference in Philadelphia in the end of September, I stopped in a great resale (not quite consignment or thrift) shop and picked up a cute skirt ($8, originally H&M) and a gorgeous black cocktail dress ($20, Maggy London). I wore the dress to our PA reception:
 [the best shot of the dress I could find, which, admittedly, isn't very good.]
  • I also bought a basic black v-neck shirt to replace an old flame at Gap ($7).
  • As you know, I got that Nine West bag ($35) I had been visiting in October. What a good purchase.
  • When getting my makeup done for the PA reception at the Clarins counter, I fell in love with this concealer/highlighter, and bought that ($30, ouch!).
  • I've been pretty good in November so far: two pairs of black tights (all of the ones in my drawer lost their elasticity) and one pair of black leggings (only to be worn with tunics! I promise!). All three for $23 (Hue, FTW).
But mostly, November has been a month for buying presents for others. But I can't tell about them here, because then my mom will know what I got her for Christmas.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Retro Nina

 [18 year-old Nina. Self portrait.]

The other day, I stumbled upon the blog I kept up from March 2003 to June 2005. In other words, from age 18-20. I spent some time reading it, and let me tell you: I was freakin ' HILARIOUS. And, at times, pretty deep. I was all sass, though, so not much has changed.

So now that I have this amazing trove of high-quality blog posts, I'm going to use it to my advantage. I want to republish some of my early adulthood (yes I know I'm still in it) musings here. Perhaps weekly? We'll see.

One thing I admire about 18-20 Nina is how disciplined she was in her blog posting (and getting almost straight A's in school at the same time!). She posted at least every couple days* which is something I'd like to do, though I'm lucky if I fit in a post every week.

So I'm going to try and post more often. If anything, it will make me a better writer and provide me with a creative outlet that I will soon be lacking at work (more than I have in...maybe ever).

*And most of those posts had things worth reading. Although I realize that's kind of odd to say because she is me, after all, but it almost doesn't feel like I wrote those posts.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Product Review: Maybelline Ultimate Length Lash Stiletto Waterproof Mascara


The worst thing about this mascara is its long-ass name.

Some background: Remember, a while back, I mentioned a bad haircut? Well I'm pretty sure that the lady didn't just trim the hair on top of my head, if you know what I mean. When I was applying mascara the day after I got my hair cut, I noticed that a few lashes on my right eyelid were MUCH shorter than the others, and they stopped short as if they had been cut in one snip. So I need some serious lengthening mascara (to make the little guys look longer, but also boost all the lashes together).

I asked Richie's cousin* what she wears because, in true dental hygienist fashion, her lashes are always SO LONG (seriously-- dental hygienists must have some sort of pact or secret about how to have the longest lashes ever because every single one I've ever had has had some mondo lashes). She said she recently jumped over to designer mascara, but recommended buying something at the drugstore that boasts lash lengthening because "they actually do work."

So, based on curiosity and price, I went for Maybelline Ultimate Length Lash Stiletto Waterproof Mascara.

Here's what Maybelline says on their website:

Why You'll Love It: The only mascara that does for lashes what stilettos do for legs.

  • The Grip & Extend brush grasps each lash and coats from every angle
  • Elastic formula stretches lashes for provocative length
  • Pro-Vitamin B-5 formula conditions and smoothes for black-patent shine
  • Contact lens safe and Ophthalmologist tested
  • Waterproof

Here's what I say:
  •  It works. I especially love when my lashes on the outside ends are extra long, and this stuff does exactly that.
  • The brush has thinner bristles, which makes it easier to apply. I don't get smudges on my eyelids quite as much as I used to.
  • The waterproof factor is there, but not as much as other brands I've used in the past.
  • Before switching over, I would shed some eyelashes whenever I removed my makeup. Maybe it's the Pro-Vitamin B-5 formula, because I don't shed as much anymore. My lashes feel much stronger. 
So all in all, I'm a believer! When it's time for a new tube in around December, I know I'll be tempted to buy another one, but I think I'll continue my search/experiment and try another lengthening one. Ooh, or maybe a volumizing one!!

Any suggestions??

*I guess she's my cousin now, too. Whoa.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Nine West

I just bought the Emily bag from Nine West (see previous post) on my lunch break! I went to the store to return a pair of leggings (that I bought at full price, completely forgetting that I had a $10 off coupon in my wallet). Before going to grab the exact same pair of leggings to then buy with the coupon, I thought, "Let me see if the purse I've been coveting is 1) still here and 2) more on sale than it was last week."

And sure enough, it was 50% off AND I was able to use that $10 off coupon on it!!! That's right. A $90 purse for $35.

I can live without leggings.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"I covet."

So along with fly (and supportive) walking shoes, I've been coveting and searching for some other material possessions lately. Maybe, if I announce them here, some company will decide to send me one of the things below in exchange for a review*....or my mom will know what to get me for Christmas. Hi Mom!

Black pumps.
[Vince Camuto at]

I have a pair of patent leather black pumps that I've had for...ever. I got them from Payless, and I love them. But they're getting scuffed beyond repair, and the lining of one shoe has come up and I can't seem to glue it back down. It sticks to my foot when I don't wear stockings.

A fold-over or convertible handbag.
[Nine West, "Emily"]

My purses are either funny sizes (for every day handbagging), falling apart, or too heavy. My favorite purse is GORGEOUS and has so many compartments, but it is SO HEAVY. Even when there's barely anything in it, my shoulder still gets tired of supporting it.  I fell in love with the bag above, but it's just not on sale enough for me!

Statement necklace.
[ -- they have a "statement necklace" section. This one is $468.00]

I have a couple statement necklaces, but as they, um, make statements, I don't wear them very often. I'd like more so that I can make different statements with my neck more regularly.

*Yes, I know the FTC just posted regulations against that.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vamp President

The other night, I came up with the most brilliant Halloween costume ever:

[photo touched up by ME! ...I don't have photoshop]

Joe Bitin', the vampire Vice President.

That is all.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Feet

Why are walking shoes so ugly??!!

In the summer of 2004, I injured my foot (can't remember which one) by walking too much/too hard in flip flops. I was forced to buy sneakers that were more supportive of the sides of my feet. I ended up finding some cute ones (that worked well with my summer work uniform-- I was voted one of the Best Dressed at the end of the summer), but my feet were always so hot! I want my feet to breathe!!!

So anyway, the foot healed (or heeled...get it?!), and I went back to my old ways.

But this past July, I did it again. I walked all over the great city of Philadelphia in a pair of flip flops and really hurt my left foot. This time, the bottom of it. It hurt to walk, no matter what shoes I was wearing (oh, except for high heels, oddly, which worked out, because that's what I wear to work. But it was weird putting on high heels to go everywhere. I felt so Mexican.*)

My foot has since healed again, but I now only wear flip flops very short distances (to the trash can, the mailbox, etc.). When Richie and I go for walks, I wear my running shoes, but what am I supposed to wear when I'm not walking for fitness? And I'm likely wearing a dress or skirt? (I rarely wear pants.)

The day before we got married, we walked all over Manhattan. My feet (well, mostly my knees) KILLED because I was wearing these:

...perfect for some things, so bad for most (like walking). How was it okay for basketball players to wear these back in the day?? So the search began for shoes that were 1) comfortable, 2) supportive, and 3) stylish. Since I had some success back in 2004, I didn't think it would be that hard. But man oh man, it might be impossible.

*I say this because women in my family (and other Mexican women I know/have heard of) wear heels/get dressed up every time they leave the house. I gotta respect it, but think they're crazy at the same time.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thursday, September 16, 2010

He shot me down, bang bang

 [from I did a search for hairstyles with bangs using the handy new tool]

So the last time I got my hair cut was at the verrry beginning of July. Since I'm growing it out, I probably could have waited longer to get another trim, but the thing is, the lady kind of effed it up. All of the ends were cut so bluntly, I couldn't straighten it without looking like the 6 year-old version of myself that cut my own hair with safety scissors out of boredom and curiosity.

Part of the reason I'm growing my hair out is that I really (REALLY) don't want to shell out the money for a haircut every 4-6 weeks. It adds up! So I was delighted to discover a mystery shopping opportunity at a local hair place where I would be compensated $5 on top of full cut reimbursement.

So I got my layers livened up, and on top of all that, asked for bangs. I took this photo of the lovely Zooey Deschanel, and my stylist delivered. The shape is right (longer on the sides), but the middle isn't quite short enough, so I'm forced to push them to the side. Hey, side bangs are nice too though! I might do a little trim myself (this time not with safety scissors)...just to see.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I think I'm losing weight.

I say this for three reasons:
1. Whenever I lose weight, I never feel like I'm actually losing weight. In fact, it always feels like I'm gaining weight (seriously-- in Costa Rica, while I thought I was plumping up on rice and beans-- and beer-- I was actually dropping two sizes). Which is how I've felt until I took the point I just made, plus the two points below into consideration.
2. People have commented that I look like I've lost weight.
3. My rings are too big! Even on the hot days. I always wear a ring on my right middle finger. Usually it's the same one, a big, clunky silver ring I bought in Taxco, Mexico. When that started feeling loose (it even flew off while dancing at a wedding), I switched to other rings I typically wear on my middle finger...but those are loose too! Lately I haven't been wearing a ring on my right hand at all, because the ones for my ring finger are still too small for my middle finger.

Anyway, losing weight isn't really the plan for me (but, like in Knocked Up, tightening up a bit is), so it's kind of funny to do it accidentally. I just hope that will still be the case when I'm in my 30s! (It probably won't be, so I'm savoring it now.)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So Glad That You Exist

Okay okay okay, I'm giving a separate wedding blog another shot. For real this time. Check out So Glad That You Exist...I republished a lot of posts there, just to keep things together.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Walk Hard

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Richie and I started taking walks every night after dinner. It's lovely. Sometimes we walk with a purpose, like going to the Dairy Queen (1.2 uphill miles away) to get a mini blizzard or chocolate-dipped ice cream cone, and sometimes we just walk. I guess there's always a purpose, though, even if we're not going anywhere specific: to enjoy summer, get some exercise, talk, and-- my favorite-- DE-STRESS!!

I've noticed that sometimes, in the middle of the day, I think about where else we can go (or go past) on our walk that night. Last night, we were discussing our reception venue, so I thought it would be appropriate to walk out to one of the venues we looked at back when our budget was much larger. Even though our smaller budget is making the venue search* much more difficult, I'm glad we're not budgeting to spend a ton of money on the facility itself. What we save (and get from my parents) is going to the food and our honeymoon. That's what's important to us.

So now we're frantically** looking for an offbeat, inexpensive venue to host this intimate party of ours.  I'm emailing places like crazy, but of course, the less "venue-y" they are, the longer their response time is bound to be.

Why is this part of the country so vanilla in some ways (hotel banquet rooms) and expensive in others (the cool venues I would actually want are ridiculously priced)???  Augh. I need to take a walk.

*While we unofficially selected a venue, we're getting cold feet about it because the proprietor has been MIA-- completely unresponsive-- for over two weeks. You'd think he'd be hounding us for our deposit!
**Okay, so we have time. But we imagine our date is pretty popular, so we're trying to hurry.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

America's Next Top Bride

Photographer, check!

That third contest I won was actually a first-come-first-served deal for Philadelphia brides. Because I'm fast like lightning, we got the deal! Half-off a celebrity wedding photographer (so he says, though I think he only did Nigel Barker's, but that's enough for me), whose rates were actually pretty reasonable in the grand scheme of the Wedding Industrial Complex in the first place.

We put down the deposit last night. WOO HOO!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

To Do and TILFT

[I want a glamor shot like this. Bobbi + Mike via Southern Weddings]

To Do
  1. Put new mattress pad on bed
  2. Sign, scan, and send photography contract (aaahhhh!!)
  3. Save the dates

TILFT (Things I'm Looking Forward To)
  1. Sleeping on our new mattress pad
  2. Providence/Cape trip and a wedding of a dear friend!!!
  3. Another wedding! They're serving Indian food, which is great, because I am seriously getting my crave on right now.
  4. Payday.
  5. My mom's visit!!!! (in less than 10 weeks!)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Uh oh guys, I have a serious shopping bug right now.

The proof?

I bought three (augh, 3!) pairs of shoes in the last, um, week.


But they were all deeply, deeply discounted.


And I'll wear each of them quite a few times, I think.


Plus, I can't tell you the last time I bought shoes before those three....I really can't.

I got:
These (cuter on/in person)...


...and these!

[all Rocket Dog, oddly, and all from Famous Footwear]

Problem is: the bug just isn't going away. But I'm going to do my darndest to ignore it (now). My clothing/jewelry/accessories budget is smaller than I want it to be right now, and I was good last month (approximately $70 on work clothing) so I'm going to continue to be good this month. In fact, I'm planning on posting totals when this month is over so that I can hold myself accountable!

Now that will be an interesting read.

Oh, but I do love Anthropologie...

Haha, check out this post I stumbled upon at A Los Angeles Love.

That is exactly what I was talking about yesterday!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hi, I'm Nina, and I'm a Planaholic.

 [image from Martha, of course]

I was having a Save the Date dilemma. The kind where you want to be crafty and do things entirely on your own, but you also want them to look professional.

While I am pretty creative and crafty, sometimes getting professional quality from a DIY project just isn't in the cards. And I have to accept that. So now I have to make up my mind between a flawed product that I did myself (plus a sense of accomplishment) and a higher quality product with a price tag to match.

I spent some time browsing professional options and others' DIY projects, and think I have made up my mind. So start checking your mailboxes soon!

I imagine this dilemma will be a theme throughout wedding planning. Of course I want an amazing, Martha-worthy wedding full of perfect little handmade details, but I also need to accept the fact that I have a full-time job, hobbies outside of work and wedding planning, and friends to visit with.

If there were Wedding Planaholics Anonymous meetings, their motto would be: 'One project at a time.'

Friday, August 13, 2010


[from Maro Designs]

So, as I discovered during a round of dress-up last night (see yesterday's post), I do not own an off-white woven leather belt anymore. I didn't wear it very often, and when I did, it was only okay (which is why I didn't wear it often). So during this last move-- or was it the one prior?-- I donated it. I hope someone else loves it and doesn't think it's only okay.

And for a quick wedding update (so much progress!), the following items are in the works:
-Reception venue
-Save the dates

AND...I won another contest!!!  (Another two, actually, but one I'm keeping hush-hush until I know more about it.) While not a huge prize, I won a kit of felt lips, mustaches, and glasses on sticks to be used as props in photos (pictures above). Not sure if they will make an appearance at the reception yet, but they will certainly be fun to have around!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wedding Wear

Wedding season is upon us!  Well, not mine. And it's really probably in full-swing, but the weddings I'm going to this year are both happening this month.

The gifts have been bought, the hotel rooms have been reserved.  What is there left to do?  Why, pick out my outfits, of course! Because money's tight, I'm going to "shop my closet" for my looks.

[Note: I don't necessarily own all of these items-- just things similar. The images are the closest representations of the pieces I actually I own I could find.]

Wedding #1: Cape Cod. Afternoon. Ceremony in a church, outdoor reception at a farm.
-Cool, light material
-Covered shoulders for ceremony (sleeves, convertible or accessory)
-Flats or wedges (lawn)

Here's what I'm thinking. Imagine the dress is more white, with small blue dots. And any metal accents are silver, not bronze/gold/brass colored.

What I actually have:
Dress: J. Crew, thrifted
Shoes: Aerosoles, Marshalls (or something like it)
Scarf: gift
Belt: Badass Diesel double-wrap, thrifted
Locket: vintage, gift
Clutch: vintage, thrifted

The scarf would be to cover my shoulders in the church. I can leave it in the car when we get to the reception.  I'm also undecided on which scarf to take. I have a couple pretty ones in teal, so that's why I picked teal for this board.

Wedding #2: New Jersey. Evening. Ceremony and reception in a backyard.
-Cool, light material
-Flats or wedges (lawn)
-Extra-stylish because many NYC folks will be there, haha-- the pressure's on!

Dress: unsure of the brand, Filene's Basement, Boston (the original...sob)
Shoes: BC Footwear (ostrich!), Marshalls
Necklace: vintage costume jewelry, gift? thrifted?
Pearl earrings: gift
Belt: Urban Outfitters, way back when
Clutch: vintage, thrifted

Okay, to be honest, I'm not really thrilled with these stylings (I think I need more POW! COLOR!). I'm going to have to go home and play a good old fashioned couple rounds of dress up!

Thoughts? Ideas?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Followers of this blog know that I have been growing my hair out, but that I don't really have a goal length. The plan was just to keep going and then I'll know when I get there.

Well, thanks to an email from, I have found my goal hair!!!

Here it is, on ScarJo:

I like that it hits at about the collarbone (one of my favorite assets), and is still short enough to be spunky, but long enough to actually DO things with it. And I think it will take to my waves very nicely, but also look sleek if I straighten it.

If I manage to get to this length and keep it through June 11, maybe I'll be able to do something like this for the wedding:

 [not sure where this image came from]

I'm guessing I'll be there within the next six months.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Good News!!!

So about my last post: turns out my neighborhood Gap doesn't carry swimwear.  Or sale items.

But remember this?!

...I WON!!!

I swore I didn't, because if you followed the polls, "He Loves Me Nautical" was way in the lead.  But I'm wondering if there was some sort of a glitch or something, because the turn-around of the winner announcement from when the contest ended was awfully long (other contest winners get announced right away).  So I double-checked, and what do you know, I really did win!!!

The ladies over at Project Wedding put me in touch with the designers at 57Grand, so now I'm waiting to see how we do this.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mad Skillz

 Check out my skillz in shopping justification:


The photo above is of a pair of swim bottoms at Gap.  They're on sale (at least they are online), and they are exactly the cut of swim bottoms that I have been looking for.  I have a few pairs of underwear in that cut, and I love them.  Every time I wear them, I think, "why don't bathing suits come with bottoms like these?"  (If they do, they come with teeny-tiny tops that are fit for a toddler.)  Well Gap has finally delivered.  There's one up the street from me.  I'm hoping it has these bottoms.  In my size.  On sale.  Because I'm going to the beach on Saturday and I can't wait for shipping.

Also, I accidentally machine-washed a deep red blanket for the first time with some of Richie's clothes. His two favorite plaid, pearly-buttoned western shirts were casualties (barely, but still). Gap's a good place to find replacements.

Additionally, Richie's very stressed out right now and I'd like to do something nice for him. Replacing his casual shirts in time for Casual Friday (instead of in August like I promised) sounds good to me!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Just Shoot Us

So I'm not a fan of spending money on engagement photos, which is why we aren't.

...We're getting them for free!!!

After some (who am I kidding?  LOTS of) research, I tracked down a recent photography grad from U Arts in Philadelphia regarding our wedding photos.  She had already teamed up with two fellow grads to create their own business, but their portfolios were a little more artsy and a little less real people-y.  So I asked if they'd be comfortable doing a free engagement session to seal the deal with us.  It's a win-win.  We get free photos, get to try on a photographer for size, and they get to beef up their portfolio, and, if they deliver, a client.  Awesome.

So since Richie can only listen to my fashion-related rants so many times, I'm turning to this blog to mention that I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO WEAR!!!

Money's tight right now (I get paid at the end of the month, and at my 15th of the month checkpoint I wasn't in good shape, so...), so I won't be buying anything new for the shoot.

What I want:
  • A dress
  • Light, airy (it's going to be 90 degrees!)
  • Solid color (maybe neutral)
  • Some kind of statement jewelry (that pops against the neutral, light, airy dress, yes?)
  • Cute, comfortable shoes.  I hurt my foot last weekend and am actually more comfortable in heels.  So maybe a nice sturdy pair of wedges will fit the bill.
  • My hat, maybe?  I don't want to over-accessorize, but both Richie and I wear this hat and it makes for a nice photo prop.
 AND THEN, I need another outfit, since these things usually require a couple looks.  Looks like it's time to go shopping in my closet!

Friday, July 2, 2010

wait for it...


I will Yelp about the experience soon, but for now I will say that I love it and can't wait to pick out my shoes, jewelry, and other accessories (belt?  fascinator?) to go with it!

Oh, what the heck-- here's a picture:

Look familiar?  That's right!  I posted it as one that I liked even before going shopping!  I love that it has a kind of vintage vibe (I got it in ivory).

So my next move will be the shoes.  I'm thinking red.  Or yellow.  Or camel.  Closed toe.  Heels.  Like:



[report via zappos]

I'm willing to spend more money on wedding shoes than I normally spend on shoes, so I really would like for them to be rewearable (to events and maybe even the office), so they can't be too crazy!  I also would like them to go well not only with the dress itself (obviously), but with its vintage-y style. 

Really, I just need to start shopping!!

More accessory posts coming soon.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hairspiration: Urgent!

It had been over six months since my last real haircut (I did a couple bathroom trims myself over the months), and it was time to finally even out my asymmetrical sides and get some shaping done.  Yesterday, I tried my luck at Supercuts.  The pieces of hair that I used to measure progress were chopped off (I knew they'd have to be) when my long side was trimmed to match the short side.  Everything seemed good.

When I did my hair this morning, I realized that while my hair has been evened out, there is a pretty drastic difference between my front/side layers and my back layers.  It's perfect for ponytails, but not so good for....just about any other 'do.

So I'm off to Supercuts after work again today for something a little more like this:

Ellen Barkin.  So hot right now.  Ellen Barkin.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

57 Grand Bridesmaid Re-Wear Inspiration Board - Summetime Errands

So I found this contest for three bridesmaid dresses from 57Grand if I just make an inspiration board with a re-wear idea for one of the dresses.  I chose the Orchard design, in black, because it so classic and beautiful.  All of my friends would look amazing in it, and there's so much you can do to style it for any occasion, from a cocktail party to a day of running errands. 

While our June 2011 wedding is probably not the best time for black, I was planning on picking it for bridesmaid dresses anyway because 1) everyone already has one; 2) if they don't, they need one; 3) it's the most flattering; 4) it's the easiest to re-wear; and 5) I'm not having colors anyway!

So without further ado, here's my re-wear inspiration board (I want this outfit badddd):
click to enlarge!!!

  • Dress-- Orchard from 57Grand: Any bridesmaid would be thrilled with a simple LBD that they can style however they want for the wedding and for summers to come.
  • Hat-- Rat-a-Tat-Hat from Perfect for a sunny day, a bad hair day, or both!
  • Bag-- Vintage straw bag, found on Love To Know: Lightweight and roomy so as not to slow you down.
  • Shoes-- Steve Madden Women's Sysco from Comfortable and sassy.  It really doesn't get any better than that!
  • Watch-- Unisex FL46LB Mini Plasteramic Watch by Toy Watch on Playful as all get-out.  Coaxes a smile out of you every time you check the time-- even if you're running late.
  • Scarf-- It's a Crewel, Crewel Scarf from An adorable piece that cuts out the need for a necklace AND a cardigan!  Too hot?  Just pimp your handbag with it, instead!
  • Earrings-- End of the Rainbow from Anthropologie: Delicate and statement-making at the same time.  Truly wear-with-anything earrings.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Good Things.

Soooo I'm out of my apartment.  I've officially been out for a week now, and living at Richie's place...along with all of my possessions, in boxes, taking up half of his living room.

I packed a suitcase full of work/play clothes that would do just fine for a vacation, but I quickly realized that I simply didn't pack enough for 3 weeks' worth of going to work (and seeing the same people who may or may not notice my embarrassing outfit repeats).  So a couple days ago, when I stopped into Marshalls to replace my broken sunglasses and returned sandals (too small), I ended up leaving with three new shirts.  All very preppy (nay, fresh!), one is a crisp, white tuxedo-style shirt, another is a cute, belted button-up, and the third is a classic black and white striped polo shirt.  Hellooooo summer!  Now I just need to find those sunglasses and sandals, since Marshalls disappointed on that front.  (Also, an A/C-friendly brassiere, if you know what I'm sayin'.)

And speaking of summer, last night Richie and I seized the perfect weather and took in a (boring, with no runs, but still enjoyable) minor league game in Trenton.  First row, third base line...doesn't get any better than that, really.  Gotta love the minor leagues-- never a bad seat in the house.

So that stuff happened.  Now, Things I'm Looking Forward To:

1. NYC on Sunday!  Richie's sister's birthday is Sunday and she wants to celebrate with a picnic and some meandering at the Renegade Craft Fair.  I've always wanted to go the RCF, and I'm a sucker for picnics.

2. June 7th marks the beginning of the new season of the show I'm most embarrassed to admit I watch: The Secret Life of an American Teenager.  It's so, so bad.

3. June 15th: our lease officially starts and we can start moving in.  We're planning to move kitchen and bathroom stuff in and get it all set up before the movers (have I mentioned how excited I am to have movers this time?!) take over on the 18th.

4. June 25th: I'm off to LA for business!  And I get to stay a few extra days and have family/friends fun time, which includes lots of eating of delicious Mexican food, and....TRYING ON DRESSES!!!  Yaaaaaay!!!

Thursday, May 27, 2010


So I've moved my wedding planning posts over to a different blog.  I don't know why it's so hard for me to stick to just one!  No, really, I wanted to separate my personal blog from my wedding planning blog.  Even though, I have to admit, wedding planning pretty much takes over one's personal life, because it is....personal.

But anyway, in non-wedding news:
1) I have to be out of my apartment on Saturday!!!  I'm almost all done.  In fact, Richie and I are going over there tonight to grab (hopefully) the last of my stuff and give it a thorough cleaning.  I'm squatting in his apartment right now, and will be until June 18 when we officially move into our new place.  I can't wait!!!

2) My position at work has changed recently.  I still have the same title, but now, even though I'm technically on the "Outreach Team," I'm spearheading some very "Development Team" (which doesn't exist) projects.  I'm happy with it!

3) I'm going to LA next month!  I'm going for work, but am staying a couple extra days to play.  Yessss.

Also, I'd like to post a public HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bestie, Hobs.  (It was yesterday, but I didn't post yesterday, so there you go.)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fun Things I

Wedding planning is so much fun, but it's also VERY stressful.  I imagine the stress part is true for almost everyone, but sometimes I wonder if certain aspects of planning this particular wedding make this one stressful enough for the books.

So because of that, I go through phases of being ridiculously stressed out, saying "I'm not even thinking about the wedding again until [insert date/event/goal here]!!!" and then flip over, forget about the stressful part(s), and get ridiculously excited to jump on planning with the gusto of ten brides.

Right now, I'm in the excited phase (don't get me wrong, I'm excited about the wedding-- and even more excited about the marriage-- all the time, but sometimes the stress eclipses it a little) and am thinking about so many fun things!

Fun things dress!  A family dress has very generously been offered to me (something borrowed? check!), but until I'm able to try it on and make a decision, here are some of my favorites:
Alfred Angelo

Alfred Angelo

 David's Bridal
Jenny Yoo (this dress is named Nina!)

Jenny Yoo (this dress is named Hannah, which, according to Richie's mom, is my Hebrew name, haha)

I don't know where this dress came from, but I LOVE the skirt.

More fun things to come!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

And just like that...

After talking about my last post with Richie and my mom and then sleeping on it, I've chosen a color palette!!!



Observe the beauty:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Color me indecisive.

I can't seem to make up my mind regarding wedding colors.

It's not really that big a deal, but they've been my thought of the week, especially because Richie and I are picking out stationery soon....not that anyone (except maybe crafty Bobbie) would notice if the invitations matched the linens and the flowers.  But it really has me thinking...

At least I'm only torn between two options (and one sub-option):

No colors at all!  Instead, plan to have flowers of all sorts of colors-- whatever's fresh-- adorn the tabletops, chuppah, my hands, Richie's lapel, etc.  It'll give it a fresh-picked, relaxed look.

Pros: No need to worry about the color scheme; cheap, because you only get what's in season, flower-wise; pretty!, no restrictions...
Cons: There would still be a restriction: no light, girly-colored flowers (like light pink, lavender-- the color not the plant--, etc.).  I would want BOLD, BRIGHT colors.  I'm sure I can make that clear to the florist, though.

Bright red and bright teal (I don't know a better name for this color, but it's not quite teal.  It's one of those, "I know it when I see it" colors).

It's my favorite color combination, and like that it's a little unexpected.  Some examples:

Bright teal and bright red (and maybe pink), orange, and yellow.

Pros: Not as strict, BOLD!,  BRIGHT!
Cons: Too much?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Oh good LORD!  Have I been busy!

In list form, because you know I love them:
1. Started new job.  Immediately things were crazy because the annual gala was only about 2 weeks after I started, and my position has a LOT to do with the planning and implementation of it.
2. Got engaged!  We set a goal date of June 12, 2011, so we have a LOT of time to plan, but because 1) I'm so excited to start planning and 2) people have been pressuring me to make decisions already, I jumped right into the planning process.
3. Aforementioned annual gala at work.  Success!
4. Venue hunting, guest list generating, budget making.
5. Old work's mini-fundraiser, Prom, also a success!
6. Start working on another event at work, a conference THIS Saturday.
7. Venue finding!!!  We're putting a deposit down and getting the date we wanted!
8. Work/Wedding/Work/Wedding/Work/Wedding (and so on).

Stay tuned for all the fun wedding stuff (and likely some serious venting/things that I think are funny because I'm delirious) like dresses and details I'm considering!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Engaged. what I am!!!

  1. Decide whether the wedding will be big or small
  2. Select a venue/set a date
Baby steps.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Exhausted. what I am.  Why?
  1. I'm just now starting to feel better after having a cold for like two weeks.
  2. I started my new job!  It's going really well, but now that I've been there for a few days, I have actual work to do.  And lots of it, because we're preparing for the annual gala, which is a little over a week away.
  3. Speaking of events, Prom is the week after, and I'm spearheading decorations.  How many times emailing the committee does it take to get them to do their part?  I'll let you know when I find out.
  4. Apartment hunting.  It's mostly a weekend thing, but still.  Aren't weekends for relaxing?  Despite it being exhausting, it is a lot of fun.  And finding the right place will make the search worth it...especially once we're in and my commute isn't an hour anymore!
  5. Tenant searching.  Since I'm moving, someone has to take over my lease.  The search is slow-going, though, because I don't know my exact move-out date yet.  But there has been some interest.
  6. Personal business.  If you read this (ahem, Mom and Bobbie), you probably know what I'm talking about.  Although nothing is official, I'm already feeling pressure (from people and those dollas).  But even though I feel like I don't have even close to the amount of money I need to get things done, I know this process is going to be really fun and meaningful.
Is it the weekend yet?!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Biz Lady

I need to start bringing in some extra dough, and soon.  Moving is always so expensive, and this one might be a little bit more expensive than the others because I am actually going to be hiring movers.  I can justify this, so it's okay.  (Richie is hiring movers, and because you pay them by the man and by the hour-- not by location/how much stuff you have-- I'm throwing my place/stuff into the mix and chipping in.  I don't have NEARLY as much furniture as he does, so it will not even be close to half of the bill.  And sooo much less of a head/backache.)

One way that I've brought in a little extra money in the past was from ebay and etsy sales.  I have yet to post a few things on ebay (I have a couple un- and gently-worn dresses and shoes that will probably do well), but I just finished putting a few items on etsy!  Check them out here.  I have more things set aside to post, but I think I'll start of slowly so that I don't get overwhelmed.

Another thing I plan to do is sell a couple DVDs on Amazon.  We all have the ones we bought on a whim and only watched once!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Playing Dress-Up!!!

So, as I was talking to my amazing ex-facebook girlfriend today, I realized that I really need to be better about taking pictures of things.  And then posting them.

As it turns out, my phone has a pretty kickass camera.  Kodak, in fact.  So I really have no excuse when it comes to being out and about without my camera-camera.  Or being out of batteries.  Only thing is, I haven't figured out how to zoom.

ANYWAY, I'm home sick today, and while I feel like crap, I definitely have enough energy to play dress-up and make a pile of the clothes I don't want anymore.  I'm still so productive!  Dress-up is especially fun this time, because I actually have a few events for which I needed to do some outfit planning.

First up: Yelp's Homegrown Party!  It's the biggest Yelp event of the year, with free food, drinks, mini-manicures, shoe shining, mustache-trimming, hair consultations, retail showcases, and music!  The first hour of the event is for Elite members, and the dress code is Eco-Chic, Cocktail Best.  I thought I'd bust out an oldie (8th grade graduation) that's perfect for spring:

Next event: Prom!  The theme is Through the Decades, and we're supposed to dress according to our favorite decade.  I don't have the dough (or figure) to buy a glamorous '30s gown like this one:


So I went to my closet to see what I already had.  In chronological order...


Sorry about the picture angles-- it's hard to capture the details of this dress when taking pictures by myself.  It's very flapper, and I would wear it with some gray Madden Girl heels (very retro), and some DIY ostrich feather headband (I already have the feathers, I would need the band).  Oh, and I can't forget the long string of pearls!

[please ignore the bra straps and crew socks!]

This was my senior prom dress!  I don't know what shoes I'd wear with it...probably some black patent leather pumps.
[from, but can I just say that I bought a pair of shoes like these from Payless like 4 or 5 years ago and they're still going strong!!!]


If you remember, I bought this dress for Richie's annual gala at work.  Well, it's my work now instead (!!!), and since I'll be an employee instead of a guest, I'm going to wear something else (more on this next).  I'm not sure about this for prom though, because I think the fit was more of a compromise than I had originally thought.  Here it is with a belt (WARNING: major boob shot):

[See what I mean about the fit?  Look at where the under-boob seam is.]

I'd definitely go with all yellow gold on this one!!!  Not sure about the shoes, because believe or not, I DON'T have a pair of cherry red heels.

I'm leaning towards the 1920s because I can do the most with the outfit.  Richie's just going to wear a nice suit, a shirt with French cuffs (so that he can snazz it up with some cufflinks), a skinny tie, pocket square, and I'll lend him a fedora for a classic (early) 60s look:


Finally, the Annual Gala!  Since my new job will have a lot to do with running this thing, I want to go with a slightly more polished, professional look.  I think last year's Prom dress might be just the thing:

[at Prom, 2009-- wearing the Payless shoes!]

Except, to add visual interest and a little more personality this time, I'm going to switch out the belt for this beaut I bought at the vintage store down the street from my apartment:

As for shoes, again, not sure.  I think these look AMAZING (actually, my legs look amazing in them), but I'm concerned that they'll be too much if I'm running around all night:

[Kenneth Cole Reaction]

What do you think???

Also (and this is exciting stuff), I decided to straighten my hair for the first time in AGES, and this is what it looks like:
[I'm pleased!]