Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Home sick and homesick.

Is it December 17th yet??? Time is flying, but this wait to go home is KILLING me. I keep looking at my planner, turning just one page (!) over to next week, and envisioning my time on the Left Coast. Until then, though, here's what's going on:

Today: Another sick day. I should be teaching at this exact moment, but I know my body needs just one more day to fully recover. There are a couple things that absolutely need to get done though, like a trip to the post office (I have a couple cards to go out and also sold something on Amazon), and UPS-- today's the LAST day to pick up a box that came for me (inside, presents!). This evening, if I'm feeling up to it, is the last Yelp Elite Event of 2009-- an Ugly Sweater Party held at a new piano bar downtown.

Tomorrow, I will be back in the office and then to my Wednesday school to teach two classes.

Thursday: teaching, a haircut, and relaxing. I really MUST make sure I'm in good shape, because ONE WEEK LATER, we leave for California!

Friday: office all day. I'll get lots of work done, I tell myself.

Saturday: Working my occasional weekend job all the way out in (ew) Reading. But I really need the money.

Sunday: RELAX. Bake cookies for work. Watch football? Probably.

Monday: My department holiday party. I'm in charge of decorations (as always) and have done absolutely ZERO planning. It will come together this Friday and that morning, I guess.

Tuesday: Teaching.

Wednesday: Office. Teaching. Twiddling my thumbs and dealing with restless leg syndrome.

And because I've been on house arrest (although I did take a foggy-headed jaunt to Target yesterday), Richie had these beauties delivered:

The picture really doesn't do them justice.

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OoooOOooh - nice one!