Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Partner in Planning

As anyone who reads this blogs knows (because you know me), I'm a planner. Sometimes to a fault, and I need to remind myself to just go with the flow and be spontaneous every once in a while.

Well, last week, I was mapping out this next trip home (which I am more excited about than words can express). Richie and I will be spending a couple days in San Francisco and Dublin, CA before heading down to Fresno, and I was making a (very loose) itinerary when I realized that we have no way to get to the Philadelphia airport. I gave the man a buzz, and while he knows about my planny ways, he was a little...I don't know, surprised, I guess, that I was trying to arrange airport transportation so early. He's really on top of things, too, but gave me one of those, "Don't worry, it will work out" lines. I accepted it for the time being, hung up, and went about my day.

Throughout the day, though, I was thinking about "it will work out" and what that means to me. Usually, things work out in my life because I make them work out. I get things done because I know they need to be done, and I don't rely on others (in my personal or professional lives) to do it. I'd have a ride to the airport because I would arrange one myself.

Later that day, I was hanging out with Richie, and I told him exactly that. I'm not used to sharing responsibility, because sometimes it gets me in trouble. For (a stupid) example, when Steve and I went to Savannah earlier this year, we were walking through the airport to our gate. I got confused by the signage, and made a wrong turn. We continued walking, and walking, and walking, until it was obvious we were never going to make it to our gate going that direction. I tried to figure out what happened, and realized that Steve wasn't paying attention to anything at all. Like I said before, it's a stupid example, but I remember being really upset that the responsibility on this trip-- that we saved for together and planned together-- was falling entirely on me. (And I don't mean to use this example to compare Boyfriend Past to Boyfriend Present, but it's appropriate, no?)

So anyway, talking about it last week, Richie assured me that I would not have to figure all of that stuff out on my own. In fact, when he said that it will work out, he meant that he would take care of it.

Now that's what I'm talking about!

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Madmom said...

Interesting, I always got mad at your dad and other males for saying "it will take care of itself" because that means I will take care of it. Wow, to have a guy that understands what you mean and that steps up to the plate is awesome.