Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jump Right In:


+ Drawing class tonight. I enrolled in a free (supplies only) drawing class a few block away from my apartment. I've only had two classes so far, but I really enjoy concentrating on just the task at hand. It takes my mind off of the stress I'm feeling at work and because of my move. I'd like to continue to take the class after I move, but we'll see if that works out, given my teaching schedule and my mode of transportation on Thursdays.

+ First Friday and Richie's birthday party tomorrow night. First Friday is when a bunch of different art galleries open up and serve wine and cheese and other goodies, and people just meander from one to the next. I've gone in Old City, but tomorrow night I'm going to my new 'hood, Mt. Airy, to scope it out. Afterwards, one of Richie's classmates is throwing him a birthday party.

+ Adventure Aquarium on Sunday with Richie's family. The guy loves aquariums, and the one in Camden is supposedly pretty great. Afterwards, we're going to get dinner in the city, and I'll serve cake and coffee at my place after.

+ MOVING! My lease starts on the 15th, and I'm physically moving on the 17th. The U-Haul is reserved, and my stuff is about 50% packed at this point.

+ More of this weather! It's so crisp and lovely out, and my jackets will feel lonely and neglected no more!

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