Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Miss Me?

So much has happened since my last post! Things like...

I mentioned my landlord being a douche in my last it shouldn't be too much of a surprise when I say that I ended up moving out of my apartment a week earlier than planned (I needed OUT!). But my lease at the new place hadn't started yet, so I ended up storing my stuff and staying at Richie's parents' house. Their generosity was so, so appreciated, and the bed I slept in was sooo comfortable!

But now I'm totally moved in to my new place, and I love, love, love it! All I have to do is put up two shelves (I might just put up one instead, since I have plenty of storage space--if you can believe it), get some bar stools for my counter, and maybe hang a few more pretty things that didn't make the Round One decoration cut.

I was out of the live music scene for quite some time, mostly because I wasn't really seeking out new bands and when I did go to a show, it was usually Steve's cover band. But now I'm back and ready for concerts! In the last month, I saw The Weakerthans, Lucero, and the Revival Tour with Chuck Ragan and Tim Barry. All shows were fabulous (man, I love me some alt-country!), and I'm ready for more!

***Mane Maintenance***
I finally got that trim I was talking about, and I feel so much better about letting my hair grow. Also, I've been wearing it curly (or I guess wavy) a lot, and it looks so cute! Getting a trim every 4 months (as a opposed to 4 weeks) is a great way for me to save some dough. Which brings me to...

I've finally come to terms with the fact that I cannot live comfortably/without credit card debt on my salary. The market is not one for me to find a better-paying full time job right now, but I can supplement my income with some part time work. Some side projects I have going on include: being a study participant at Penn (it adds up!); freelancing (not much is going on there, but it might pick up again soon); working for some photo favors company at parties (Richie's friend owns the company and they always need people for Saturdays, which I have free); re-opening my Etsy store (now that I'm moved and settled, I can start building inventory and making money again). Any other ideas?

So! This weekend, I'm heading to Boston (!!!!) for some serious R&R at a B&B as well as a Halloween party with my besties. It's going to be amazing.

ALSO: I know I haven't posted pictures of things (taken by me) in a long time, and the reason was that I didn't have any batteries. Now that I have some, the reason is because my computer is so close to death, that it can't handle importing pictures from my camera. When my financial situation starts to look up, I will buy a new computer. Ouch.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

stuff and stuff.

What a hectic few weeks I've had!

I was toyed with at work, my car got towed, and my landlord tried to screw me over (and is continuing to be an ass). Good things have also been mixed in with that mess (those messes), like some of the Things I was Looking Forward To in my last post like First Friday, Richie's birthday festivities, and the weather continuing to be amazing, in addition to some visits from out-of-towners! My dear friend Samantha was in town from Puerto Rico with her sister. We got tea, pho, and went to...a Cassavettes show! The guys were in town finishing up their tour on their way back up to Boston. It was so great to see everyone!

Next on the agenda includes:
1. My MOVE! We are now in the single digits of the countdown, and good lord, moving day can't come soon enough. I'm getting into the territory where I've started packing the things that I use more regularly, like some dishes and cooking utensils. Packing makes me so excited, because I can't wait to unpack and start arranging everything in my new place. I promised my brother that my interior design will be fit for a magazine.

2. BOSTON!!! I knew about this trip when I last posted, but I can't keep it in any longer! Richie and I will be heading up to Boston for my friend Eric's annual Halloween party (thank goodness actual 'Ween is on a Saturday!). We're staying at one of the B&Bs I used to work at (thanks to a nice friends/family discount), and I plan to take FULL ADVANTAGE of the weekend away by lounging, going for strolls, and seeing friends, of course!

I tried to hold out, but I desperately need a trim. I'm still growing my hair out, but my mane needs some serious shaping. So I have an appointment for Saturday morning. After all, it has been 4 months since my last trim.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jump Right In:


+ Drawing class tonight. I enrolled in a free (supplies only) drawing class a few block away from my apartment. I've only had two classes so far, but I really enjoy concentrating on just the task at hand. It takes my mind off of the stress I'm feeling at work and because of my move. I'd like to continue to take the class after I move, but we'll see if that works out, given my teaching schedule and my mode of transportation on Thursdays.

+ First Friday and Richie's birthday party tomorrow night. First Friday is when a bunch of different art galleries open up and serve wine and cheese and other goodies, and people just meander from one to the next. I've gone in Old City, but tomorrow night I'm going to my new 'hood, Mt. Airy, to scope it out. Afterwards, one of Richie's classmates is throwing him a birthday party.

+ Adventure Aquarium on Sunday with Richie's family. The guy loves aquariums, and the one in Camden is supposedly pretty great. Afterwards, we're going to get dinner in the city, and I'll serve cake and coffee at my place after.

+ MOVING! My lease starts on the 15th, and I'm physically moving on the 17th. The U-Haul is reserved, and my stuff is about 50% packed at this point.

+ More of this weather! It's so crisp and lovely out, and my jackets will feel lonely and neglected no more!