Thursday, September 17, 2009

That Was Quick!

After being toyed with for several days by one landlord (the owner of a dream apartment), I signed a lease at another property. This landlord doesn't lead me on, and my future digs are adorable!

As predicted, I am moving to a whole new 'hood. This one will require quite a commute to work, but not a difficult one, and I'm totally fine with that, especially because the area is so nice. I'll be living on the main drag, right inside the city limits, above a store (this main drag is much more mellow than the main drag I live on now). Neat things within walking distance from my apartment include:
+ Video store/ice cream parlor. Brilliant.
+ Pizza place/brewery. Have been. Did like.
+ Mexican restaurant/bakery! Haven't tried it out yet, but I've heard good things.
+ Restaurant/music venue.
+ Art Deco theater.
+ Tavern.
+ Florist. The squeeze can stop by before visiting.
+ Shopping galore, just a short walk up to the next neighborhood (it's affluent).

There's so much more, but I'm still learning the area and I don't move in until October 15th! Well, probably the 17th, since that's the first weekend. Pictures to come shortly thereafter. Girlfriend needs some move-in (/go to IKEA) time.

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