Monday, September 21, 2009

It's a Boot!

I am now the proud, happy-- ecstatic, really-- parent of....


Pictures coming soon, after I buy batteries for my camera.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

That Was Quick!

After being toyed with for several days by one landlord (the owner of a dream apartment), I signed a lease at another property. This landlord doesn't lead me on, and my future digs are adorable!

As predicted, I am moving to a whole new 'hood. This one will require quite a commute to work, but not a difficult one, and I'm totally fine with that, especially because the area is so nice. I'll be living on the main drag, right inside the city limits, above a store (this main drag is much more mellow than the main drag I live on now). Neat things within walking distance from my apartment include:
+ Video store/ice cream parlor. Brilliant.
+ Pizza place/brewery. Have been. Did like.
+ Mexican restaurant/bakery! Haven't tried it out yet, but I've heard good things.
+ Restaurant/music venue.
+ Art Deco theater.
+ Tavern.
+ Florist. The squeeze can stop by before visiting.
+ Shopping galore, just a short walk up to the next neighborhood (it's affluent).

There's so much more, but I'm still learning the area and I don't move in until October 15th! Well, probably the 17th, since that's the first weekend. Pictures to come shortly thereafter. Girlfriend needs some move-in (/go to IKEA) time.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Apartment Hunter

Well, it's official: I'm moving.

It was one of those decisions where the thought just kept building and building, and then I finally just made up my mind to do it, said it out loud, and bam! The ball is rolling. The plan is to be out of my current digs in mid-to-late October (or by November 1st).

I think my roommate is a little peeved, but also understanding about why I need to live by myself/not with her. I was only supposed to be there temporarily anyway. But now she keeps complaining about all the things she has to do before having someone else move in (paint, fix the bathroom and kitchen, CLEAN, the list goes on and on). The thing is, though, that she promised me that all of those things would be done before I moved in. Now she's pissed that she actually has to do them because it's unlikely that her new roommate will be a friend that she's able to take advantage of. Me, bitter? Nah.

So I'm looking for affordable housing in cute neighborhoods. I'll likely end up with a studio, which is totally fine, because I don't have much stuff anyway. I know that I'm spoiled in my current location and would love to stay in the neighborhood, but have accepted the fact that in order to afford this new place, I'll probably have a bit of a commute to work.

I'm looking at a place in a great neighborhood tonight, and will continue the search on Saturday afternoon!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Heart Modcloth

I finally ordered a dress from Modcloth (see a couple posts down)! It's this little number that came yesterday and fits like a dream:

Also, can I just say, I would be one happy bride in one of these beauties. Plus, I'd have tons of money left over from my budget to spend on other jewelry (both from Modcloth, obviously):

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Hairy Details

Remember this?

I'm so there. A little past there, actually, but I'm loving it. In fact, my hair naturally flips kind of the same way her hair is curled, so I have no complaints! All I do is blast it with my blow dryer, run my fingers through it, and go.
I'm going to let it continue to grow, though, because 1) it means I don't have to pay for a haircut, and 2) letting it get longer will mean more opportunities for creativity. I promise I haven't been lazy, constantly alternating between a ponytail and the 'do mentioned above. I've been playing with bobbie pins and twists and braids, and having a good time doing it!
New goal hair to be posted when I find the right stuff (baby).