Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Weekend Wardrobe Wishlist

Yesterday, I wrote I humongo blog post with updates on my various blogs, TILFT, and a weekend wardrobe wishlist (WWW-- new feature, perhaps?). But the combination of uploading pictures for the WWW + weird connectivity issues on the server here lead to the demise of my glorious post. That said, I've decided only to post the WWW. Here goes...

This Saturday, I will be in Boston to celebrate Jay's birthday (would have been incluced on TILFT). We're going out to dinner and then clubbin, but with potential loungey bar stops in between. So my outfit needs to be classy, comfortable, and versatile. What I really want to wear is this little number from Modcloth.com:

I'd pair it with some black patent leather heeels or these Mossimo for Target badboys I picked up at Goodwill if I'm feeling a little crazy:

...but alas, I have neither the funds nor the time to procure that perfect, sassy dress for this weekend. Instead, I'm considering...

a simple, black cotton shift dress like this one (mine is Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit):

Could be boring, but with the right styling, it could be magnificent. Some ideas include:
+ SILVER: Pile on silver jewelry and accessories (including a pair of silver slingback peeptoes) until I'm blinding.
+ BROWN LEATHER: My favorite color combination is the faux-pas of yore, black and brown. I could cinch my waist with a big brown leather belt, step into some woven brown leather wedges, and add some copper, stone, and leather baubles.
+ COLOR: Pick out a colorful belt or use a scarf as one, throw on all of my plastic bangles, and finish with those purple heels (pictured above) or even red or blue ones.

I know Bobbie's going to be rockin' the jeans and sexy top look, so that's potentially an option for me, too. I'd wear jeans and heels like this:

But my predicament, like the model's above, is the top. Sure, I have nice tops, but they're all very businessy. I would want something flirty, like this:

Or romantic, like this:

Or saucy, like this:

[all shirts from Modcloth.com. Have I mentioned how much I wish my entire wardrobe was from there?!]

But I don't really have anything like those (must be remedied soon!!!). So, finally, here's what I'm leaning toward the most right now:
I think the dress in the picture is black, but the one I have (yes, I actually have this dress!) is dark blue. Styling options include the silver and the color plans from my thoughts on the black shift. OR...because the arm holes hang down juuust a little extra, I can wear my leopard print bra with it (a little underarm surprise?), leopard peep toe mini-wedges, and then who knows what kind of jewelry? I'm also debating really playing up the flapper look and adding a white ostrich plume to my hair.

Decisions, desicions...and they have to be made soon because I'm packing tonight!!!

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