Tuesday, August 11, 2009

(turn and face the strain)

Some changes I've noticed about myself/in my life:

1. I like blueberries now! This will make life a little easier for me because I found that avoiding blueberries is a pain.

2. I am no longer boycotting being introduced to new bands (or artists I've never heard of before). For a while, I was just exhausted with everything that comes along with keeping musicians/albums/songs straight, and now I'm okay with putting some effort into it and enjoying the fruits of my labor.

3. I put more effort into my appearance each day (during the work week, at least) than I used to, and I really love how it makes me feel...which is polished, professional, grown-up, and most importantly: sassy and fabulous.

4. While I really love my downtime at home, I would much rather be out and about socializing or at least going for a walk (solo or otherwise). I guess this isn't much of a change because I've always been very active, but I feel like it has been more obvious lately.

5. After a few months of singledom, I am again attached. It happened sooner than I thought (and maybe even hoped) it would, but I keep reminding myself of that overused-- but completely appropriate-- John Lennon lyric, "Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." I also think about my dear friend Jay who would always yell at me for "tempting fate" with all of my neurotic planning. So this me, going with the flow, enjoying my time with a completely delightful, completely unexpected young man.


Madmom said...

Ahhhh, so you decided to commit, my commitment phob Pix! And on your blog...I'm impressed.

Bobbie said...

Turns out I like straight up blueberries and never knew! Also raspberries... but only if they're ripe! Ripeness is key!

Can't wait to see you soon! (And yay, blogging!)