Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh My God, We're Back Again (Brothers, Sisters, Everybody Sing)

Well, would you look at me: I'm back again!

My trip home to California was all of the fantasticness I had hoped it would be, barring of course the nasty kidney infection that I won't go into detail about. I'm still trying to resolve said kidney issues and have an appointment with a specialist all set up for next week.

Some highlights of my trip include:
*Spending TONS of quality time with family-- both sides, even!
*Bobbie's visit! It really couldn't have been more relaxing or needed, with pedicures, shopping, and smoothies galore.
*Catching up with friends over drinks, burritos, cookies, and Trader Joe's UFOs.
*Disneyland! Although it was a little rough ending my trip on such an active note, it was tons of fun and totally worth it.

Since being back in Philly, I have enjoyed some mini road trips (the beach, a lake, Boston/CT), dinners with friends, and a triumphant (if a little boring) return to work. At least I'm making money again!

Now the plan is to enjoy what this city has to offer for the rest of the summer (and pray for sunshine!).

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