Monday, June 15, 2009

Update + Hairspiration

I've been ridiculously busy. Doing what, you ask? Well, in a word, socializing. In two words, socializing and working. In three: socializing, working,! (I guess that's technically four words, but I wouldn't count the "and.")

I would blog about my various dates with these men, but I think it would probably be boring because they've all been so good! I don't have any funny stories about guys not washing their hair or running around in circles in an attempt to show me their fun-loving side (that was before). No, all of my dates have been lovely. Also, considering how internet-savvy some people are, I wouldn't want any of them to stumble upon this blog and learn what I'm actually thinking (which isn't much different from what I let on, because I'm on this kick of ignoring inhibitions and saying/doing whatever I want-- it's fabulous!).

In other news, I have exceeded the two months sans hair cut that I allow myself in an attempt to grow out my mane, so my hair is decidedly driving me crazy. With that, more hairspiration!

It's looking like, with the length my layers are, a wedge might be the way to go to maintain some sanity during this process:

After getting a shaping such as these, it will probably actually look like I got my hair cut, which is something I would normally be upset about. But considering I currently have a short layer that frames my face and a long layer that flips out (think Mrs. Brady, but not THAT bad), I'm willing to go for it. It's summertime, and I need something sleek and easy. Also, when it starts to grow out, all layers will grow together. And that's what I want.

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