Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hair, continued

I made a hair appointment for Saturday morning at a salon within walking distance from me-- and it won't cost a small fortune! While that's good news, there are risks involved because my appointment is at the Jean Madeline Aveda Institute, where a student will making the cut. You can bet I'll have a Yelp review up shortly thereafter (I'll also post some pictures of the new 'do on this badboy).

Since it's Thursday, my mind is definitely on the weekend. Let's have a look, shall we?

Today: I worked late yesterday, so I'm ducking out early to run some errands (UPS to pick up a pair of boots that I bought on impulse because they look perfect and they ONLY had my size left; IKEA if there's time-- I need shelves and a bulletin board!). After that, happy hour and a movie.

Friday: After work, I'm heading to my old stomping grounds to meet Diana for dinner. Later in the evening: drinks and a concert (Little Joy-- fantastic!).

Saturday: Haircut! Lunch, hopefully the gym (I've been REALLY good), and a party at my house for a friend's birthday.

Sunday: Happy Father's Day! Gym if I can't make it on Saturday, otherwise: R.E.L.A.X. Dinner out later.

All of these meals out mean that I have to be careful with my budget (both monetary and caloric). I can do it!

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