Monday, May 18, 2009


Today is one of those days where I've been feeling ignored. I think it's residual--but a whole lot of it--from the weekend, which is when all this started.

To begin, I awoke on Saturday morning to find Rob sleeping on the couch. He had ESPN on, and in the morning, they just keep looping the news, so I had to sit through that while sipping my coffee and reading my email. He proceeded to sleep there with the TV on all day. During that time, I dropped a bunch of clothes off at Plato's Closet (at about 10:30am). They said that it would take about an hour to go through everything and that they'd give me a call when my stuff was ready to be picked up. I then went on a hike with my friend (it was lovely, thank you). I still hadn't received a call and closing time was approaching, so I called Plato's Closet to make sure I could pick up my stuff the next day. No problem.

On Sunday morning, after discovering Rob had usurped the living room again, I received a phone call from Plato's Closet saying that I better come pick up my clothes because after 48 hours, they donate them. Um, yeah. So I went, and had one of those moments where I kept trying to get around this guy who just WOULDN'T MOVE. Later, I went to the movies with another friend, and had to repeat myself and answer questions for her I had already mentioned the answer to several times. I already teach middle schoolers. Don't make me repeat things more than they do.

Fast-forward to today. On the freeway, people would just slowly, and without using their blinkers, meander over to my lane. This happened at least four times (it happens a lot anyway, but in one trip?!) I arrived at my Monday school, and waited for the security guard to help me after she helped three people who arrived AFTER me. I even spoke up, and she gave me 'tude. I then got to the classroom, and learned that the students were testing and I wouldn't be able to teach them today. Thanks for letting me know! I'll have to finish up my classes on June 1st.

And that's not even going into my tax debacle (yes, it's still going on) on Thursday, which also involved being ignored/not served.

Okay, I just needed to vent. My goodness, I need this vacation!!!

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