Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Just a little update...

FRANCE WAS AMAZING!!! It was one of those trips where everything went exactly the way I had hoped-- and better. A (very) quick rundown:

Wednesday: Arrive in Nice. Drive to Eze. Lunch (tomatoes and mozzarella). Swim. Go grocery shopping. Make a bread run. Overlook Monaco. Cocktail hour. Dinner (seafood stew). Break napkin ring. Bed.

Thursday: Breakfast (coffee, fruit, bread). Drive to Cannes. Walk around, hope to see famous people (no go). Eat lunch (pizza). Drive to Grasse, world perfume capital. No parking, head out. Arrive in St. Paul De Vence, perhaps my favorite from 1996. Walk around. Shop. Ice cream (hazelnut). Drive back to Eze. Meet Angelo (former neighbor). Cocktail hour. Dinner (chicken and veggies). Drink more. Swim. Drink more. Bed.

Friday: Breakfast (coffee, fruit, chocolate croissant). Head down to Eze Village. Walk around. Shop. Back to the house. Lunch (tomatoes and mozzarella). Drive to Monaco. Walk around. Drive the Grand Prix course. Drive back to Eze. Nap on hammock. Cocktail hour. Dinner (chicken and pasta). Watch TV. Bed.

Saturday: Breakfast (coffee, cereal, chocolate croissant). Drive to Nice. Go to Matisse Museum. Go to Chagall Museum. Drive to Old Town Nice. Eat lunch (mix of Niçoise food). Walk around. Shop. Eat macarons. Walk on the beach (and in the Mediterranean!). Drive back to Eze. Swim. Cocktail hour. Walk to dinner. Dinner (here we go: duck paté, goat cheese salad--best salad I've ever had in my life, leg of lamb, veggies, cheese plate and salad, ice cream, and grappa). Walk back to the house. Bed.
Sunday: Breakfast (omelet). Say goodbye. Drive to Nice. Hop on plane.

photos courtesy of Bobbie. Mine have yet to be uploaded.
So I got back to the states on Sunday night, and on Monday, I moved! What an exhausting day. I'm still sore, and barely unpacked for a variety of reasons, one of them being that my friend Adrienne still hasn't moved out to make room for me. I got my residential parking permit yesterday and took a trip to Target for some new house things. The plan for tonight is to put a serious dent in my unpacking. I just really can't wait to make this place home.

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