Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is my message to you-oo-oo

Well. How do I put this? Steve and I broke up, and now it's time to move on. Without dwelling on the devastation that comes along with this (on this blog-- of course I dwell a little in real life), I'm going to concentrate on the things it takes to rebuild my life in singledom.

Step One: Have fun with my friends.*
Tomorrow after work I'm going out for drinks and a movie with three lovely ladies. Where we will be enjoying our libations is to be determined, but we're going to a sneak preview of Earth, which is sure to be adorable, educational and comforting. Also, next weekend, I'm planning to take a trip up to Boston to see and romp with Bobbie!

Step Two: Move out.
I wasn't initially planning to do this for a variety of reasons, but it has become clear to me that I really should. I'd like to live by myself, sans roommate(s), so I'm looking at studios. That will also save me money because I won't have to buy a couch and all sorts of other kinds of furnishings. I have an appointment to see one in a really great neighborhood on Friday, so my fingers are crossed.

Step Three: Feel my best.**
Eat well and exercise! Go out! Have fun!

Step Four: Look my best.**
No slacking in the aesthetic maintenance department! It's so easy to want to roll out of bed and go to work with bed-head and dressed in my pajamas, but I have a stylish reputation to uphold. Plus, fashion is interesting and fun to me, so why not put thought and effort into it?

Step Five: Continue to excel at work.**
While I don't think people should have to check their personal baggage at the office door, I don't plan to get bogged down with mine. I'm a rock star at work, and I intend to keep it that way.

*This step is clearly one that is continuous and was always in my game plan, but right now, it's crucial that I keep myself busy and surrounded by fun, loving, and fun-loving people.
**These are obviously continuous, too. I just need to make sure I remember their importance during this trying time.

Every little thing is gonna be alright.

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