Friday, April 10, 2009

The South, Parties, and Something Nice

Well, I am back! I feel generally refreshed and energized, even though I awoke with a cold on the day of our departure from Savannah. The Hostess City is beautiful, and I am SO GLAD I finally got to visit! Pictures are definitely coming soon, though I have to admit that I wasn't really in a picture-taking mood. But there are a few good ones.

Other pictures coming soon? A few select Jem ones: I looked truly outrageous. The party was great, and it ended a little early, which I was actually happy about because I got there early to help clean. And OH. MY. GOD. was there a lot to clean! I don't know how these two friends of mine could live in a place so cluttered/messy/dirty (yes, actually dirty)/disorganized. I mean, I'm a very neat, organized person, but their place was a nightmare even for some slobs. I wish there had been "before and after" pictures taken.

Plans for the weekend: a Pierogi party and that's about it. I hope I'm feeling better by tomorrow.

Other TILFT: Well, there is this trip to France...


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