Thursday, April 2, 2009

gather no moss.

Oh man. I have been buuuuusy.

Quick recap:
+ PROM! My hard work paid off, and the event was a beautiful success! It actually kind of worked out that all my friends flaked and decided not to come, since I was running around doing crap all night. I did get a little bit of dancing in, though. Check out pictures here.

+ Sex Ed Lobby Day! I spent all day Tuesday at the state capitol meeting with representatives to try and convince them to co-sponsor two different sex ed-related acts that have just been introduced. For more, see Beth Bruce...I'll eventually write something about the acts.

+ Sara's Birthday! On her actual birthday (also Tuesday), we went out to an AMAZING dinner at a gay restaurant/club. Turns out they have a great brunch deal, so we're planning to return on Sunday after her birthday party.

+ Pedro! I attended another PP affiliate's watch party for the premiere of the MTV movie about Pedro Zamora last night. The event was great, and the movie was really cheesy. In a good way.


I finally get to relax tonight. I made it a point to keep it plan-free so that I can recharge a bit before some more craziness. What's happening next...

~ My Jem costume: Work on it was on hold for a while because of Prom and Lobby Day, but the party is on Saturday, so I really need to get back on it. My priorities: 1) Finagling the awesome silver-fringed belt, and 2) Potentially making the prom dress a mini mini. I already hemmed it to be a respectable knee-length with some tulle sticking out (definitely re-wearable), but think a tiny dress is more appropriate for Jem. I can't decide!

~ Drinks with some friends and, potentially, Steve (!) on Friday night. He may get a last-minute gig, but as of right now he has the night off so I'm going to take advantage of it.

~ Packing for Savannah! Oh yes. I cannot wait.

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