Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who's Beth Bruce?

Ahhhhhh!!!! I'm going through one of those budget freak-out phases AND I want to shop like crazy right now. I do believe it's a cause-effect kind of relationship. Come on, don't tell me you didn't see it coming! I sat down the other day and calculated how much I'm bringing in versus how much absolutely has to go out, and it was not pretty.

Where, or where, can that new roommate be? Apparently not on craigslist, facebook, myspace, or any other made-up compound word on the interweb. If I'm going to pay a third of this big house and share it with other people, I might as well pay the same amount for half of a smaller place and share it with just Steve.

I've decided to start another blog (in addition to--not to replace--this one). It's called Beth Bruce: The Sex Lady, and I made with the hopes of it becoming a resource for sexuality-related questions, stories, and news. To get it on its feet, I'll probably dig through my students' anonymous questions, as well as my memory of non-anonymous questions that I thought were particularly intriguing or common. The name Beth Bruce comes from the pen name I created--along with some other foundation--for writing erotic stories (I still haven't finished one), and the nickname of "The Sex Lady" comes from my students. I had been wanting to start blogging with a circumscribed topic for quite some time now, and I can't believe it took me this long to realize the perfect one!

I won a happy hour at a bar in the city on Saturday night. Few seem interested, but that's okay with me, since I'm a small group socializer anyway (yes, I made up the word socializer). This happy hour is literally an hour, so I'm thinking about where we should go (to eat, perhaps?) afterward. I've been dying to try out this mac-and-cheese ONLY restaurant for a while...

And I just got a great idea for Sunday: Steve's sister is performing in an improv show in DC, so we're going to take a day trip down to hang out and see her! I don't have to teach on Monday, so a late night won't be too, too bad. Woohoo!

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