Monday, March 23, 2009

Robbed by the IRS!

Crisis (potentially) averted!

I had a great day on Friday. There was nothing specific that made it great, but it just was. And then I got home from work and found a notice from the PA Department of Revenue saying that I underpaid my PA taxes by over $700. Over $700?! I already paid them some...and Delaware already got quite a bit back from me, too. So for the states to ask for an additional $1000 from a person in the second-to-lowest income tax bracket is ABSURD.

So I called the Dept. of Revenue today and learned that yes, it is a mistake, because PA was trying to take the money that DE already took. Whew! So I faxed a bunch of paperwork over to them, and now I'm waiting for a phone call saying, "The check's in the mail!" Please ring, phone.

I never plan to work in two different states in a tax year ever again.

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