Saturday, March 14, 2009

Prom Night

I have been working my little (okay, not so little) booty off with all of stuff I've been doing for prom. I'm head of decor (actually, I'm the only one working on decor, since it turns out my subcommittee co-chair didn't do a thing), so everything is image-related.

Here's what I have going:
RED CARPET: I found a really cheap red carpet to run from the entrance, through the lobby, to the stairs leading up to the ballroom. And when I say cheap, I mean inexpensive and also not fantastic quality, but it's meant to be walked on, and it will certainly provide the POP we need against the hardwood floors. Plus, we can't bill it as a "Red Carpet Event" without one.

CENTERPIECES: To save money and to keep with the theme, Cocktails for a Cause (Prom is the formal version of the quarterly "Cocktails" events), I am making little floral arrangements in cocktail glasses! At IKEA, I found martini glasses for .99 each, wine glasses for .83 each, and rocks glasses for .33 cents each. A couple days before the event, I'm going to pick up white carnations and some filler (cheap and chic!). Also, for the bar and hor d'oeuvre tables, I got two kits for AMAZING ostrich feather bouquets in tall, black Eiffel vases. The feathers are black and white, to mirror the black linens and white carnations.

DANCE FLOOR: The dance floor is going to have balloons hanging above (and I mean a lot of them), with silver and gold metallic ribbon hanging down to graze the heads of our boogie-ing guests. The balloons are pearly black, white, and gold. Today, I'm going to pre-cut the ribbon for a smoother set-up on the 28th. This project will also stop me from going shopping.

PICTURES: I enlisted a photographer friend of mine to take "Prom Pictures" of the guests that want to remember the night forever (for a small fee, of course). I found these photo props with face cut-outs that they can pose behind (or in front of, if they want).

COURT: Finally, I purchased a variety of crowns for the Prom Court! While a couple of the crowns are "nicer" for the King and/or Queen (this is definitely not a heterosexist event), I actually like the few crowns I bought for potential princesses the most: they're feathery tiaras!

And that's it! There are a few more little projects here and there that I need to work out (toiletry baskets in the bathrooms, for example), but that's the basic gist. I can't wait for this event-- partly so that I can get all of this stuff out of my living room!!!

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