Monday, March 9, 2009

The Pro of Cons

Frustration: People just aren't aren't biting at my housing offer. I've gotten a couple nibbles, but when I follow up, they're gone.
Optimistic Outlook: Utilities will be lower, and I have the house to myself very often.

Frustration: MY HAIR!!! It's really out of control.
Optimistic Outlook: That means it's growing. And quickly!

Frustration: I've been feeling sloppy in the wardrobe department lately, and I don't feel comfortable putting out the funds to remedy it (mostly because I'm paying extra rent).
Optimistic Outlook: This is an opportunity to get creative?

Frustration: It seems like this school year will never end.
Optimistic Outlook: Spring break is less than a month away, and Steve and I are going to Savannah! My classes will be wrapping up only a matter of weeks after that.

Whew! I feel better.

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