Sunday, March 8, 2009

has spring sprung?

I did it already. I bought an item at Goodwill specifically to sell on Etsy, and as I was taking pictures of it for the listing, I decided to keep it for myself. How obnoxious.

Anyway, although it's not quite over yet (thankfully), I would like to say now that this weekend was fantastic. My friend Sheila and I attended the Drexel Art Auction on Friday, where I met more neat people (most from NYC, but still fun for an evening). I ended up crashing in the city at Sheila's, so we went to brunch the next day with the group from the night before. After that, I ran some prom decor errands, and came home. Steve and I caught up on Lost (what the heck?!), I got my snake ring that I bought on Etsy in the mail (!!!), relaxed a little, reached out to some other friends, and eventually went back to Sheila's for dinner (homemade Indian food? Yes please!). Today, Steve and I went for a long walk, and I learned that he used to hate music. Uh...what? Oh, and here's the kicker: it's been about 70 degrees all weekend. Sigh.

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