Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Great News!

No, I haven't found a Gooch replacement. But these things are good, too:

One) Even though I'm still in an in between stage with my hair, I've actually been able to do some pretty cute things with it, like pigtails (teeny tiny ones, appropriate for weekends), some flippy styles, and bobby pin creations. My next shaping trim should be in one month. Gotta love progress!

Two) This is big. I still haven't gotten Gardasil, the HPV vaccination, and I'm running out of time (they don't vaccinate people over 26, and it takes almost a year to complete the series). Since I'm also low on cash, I went to craigslist to find studies that I might qualify for as a participant since I made a few pretty pennies doing that in Boston. Lo and behold, I found a study done by Merck (the creators of Gardasil), testing out a new vaccine that protects against nine different strains of HPV (Gardasil vaccinates against four). It's a blind study, so it could turn out that I get Gardasil and not the new one, but either way, I'm getting PAID to get vaccinated!!! I'll also be getting paid to get physicals, pelvic exams, and Pap Smears. This is great.

Three) 11 days 'til Prom!

Four) 14 days 'til Sex Ed Lobby Day!

Five) 20 days 'til Savannah!

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