Friday, March 20, 2009

Feed me.

I desperately want to write for my favorite blog*, Design*Sponge. Especially now that I know they pay for their writers to travel around to do their research!!! And we all know how jealous I am of these get-paid-to-travel people. I mean, these writers have day jobs and write only weekly columns. I CAN DO THAT!!! Now we're back to the topic dilemma, since sexuality and design don't really go hand in hand (though I could come up with a couple arguments to the contrary, I really don't expect them to fly).

So to soothe my travel bug, the Soltierra trip to Savannah is quickly approaching (get me outta here!!!), and Bobbie and I have hatched a plan for a mid-May tropical getaway...we're still working out the details, as in, um, where we're going. The only stipulation is that it has a beach...a warm one. We'll decide based on flight and hotel availability and price.

My plans for the weekend? Well,
Tonight- I'm going to enjoy a quiet night at home. I tend to do this on Fridays, because I'm usually completely wiped out. I should also hit the gym.

Tomorrow- Waking up bright and early to go to an estate sale and/or thrifting with Sara. Afterwards, we're having a "Cleaning Party" (her attempt at making cleaning and organizing her post-hurricane-looking apartment sound fun) to prepare for her "Birthday Party," which actually is a party for her birthday, in early April. After all that, I will be making some pilaf and heading for to a dinner party in honor of my friend Diana's birthday.

Sunday- Lacking a plan, which is a very good thing. Maybe Steve and I will have another adventure! (Last week we surprised his sister at her improv show in DC.)

Man, I'm hungry.

*Second favorite. We all know foldedandunfoldedandunfolding is my favorite.

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Daddy said...

I'm repainting the guest room at my house. w00t w00t!