Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am amazingly close to my 200th post. Whoopideedoo.

Anyway, remember this:

As they say in those commercials with the red dot: I'm there. I wonder if her hair looked as much like a helmet from the front as mine does.

And because I'm feeling hopeful, I thought I'd post some hairspiration for further into the future instead of for my next checkpoint.

I'm really not too far from this one, I tell myself:

But I would really love this one:

(at least how I imagine it looks when it's not completely in her face)

And this is a pipe dream:

(It looked better in the movie.) I honestly doubt I can survive growing my hair out to this point, but it certainly would save money.

The thing is that I've had short hair for so long, that I don't know how it will react to length. Will it be straight or will it be wavy? Will it be full and luscious, or will it be flat and boring? Only time will tell.

Continuing with the visually-stimulating essence of this post, I'm going to share what I'm working on for my friend Sara's 80's fantasy birthday party next weekend:

...that's right. I'm going to be Jem. I found a hot pink prom dress at Goodwill over the weekend that I'm going to spruce up as best I can to be the most rockin' cartoon orphanage director there ever was. I even found a tutorial online to do this:

I'm excited!

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