Thursday, March 26, 2009

MISSING: Mac, Charlie, Sweet Dee, Dennis, and Frank

My It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia DVDs are missing. I looked in the two places they could possibly be (as I am very organized), and texted the usual suspects (Gooch and Rob).

They said they didn't have them and didn't know where they could be.

Question: Should I believe them? wouldn't be the first time a roommate stole DVDs from me upon moving out (cough, Amy P, cough).

Speaking of roommates moving out, it's been suggested that we throw a fundraiser house party to earn the rent that Gooch isn't paying. I think it's a great idea, but I'm torn about how to go about doing this. Here are some of my ideas:

+ Regular old party with a $5 cover charge. But depending on what we buy to eat and drink, that may not yield much of a profit. And you can't have guests BYOB and pay a cover.

+ Casino Night: We could set up different kinds of games (not just casino games, but ones easy to incorporate a betting system), and have House take a percentage of the winnings. Plus BYOB/G (grub). We'd provide some too.

That's actually all I got. Help!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I am amazingly close to my 200th post. Whoopideedoo.

Anyway, remember this:

As they say in those commercials with the red dot: I'm there. I wonder if her hair looked as much like a helmet from the front as mine does.

And because I'm feeling hopeful, I thought I'd post some hairspiration for further into the future instead of for my next checkpoint.

I'm really not too far from this one, I tell myself:

But I would really love this one:

(at least how I imagine it looks when it's not completely in her face)

And this is a pipe dream:

(It looked better in the movie.) I honestly doubt I can survive growing my hair out to this point, but it certainly would save money.

The thing is that I've had short hair for so long, that I don't know how it will react to length. Will it be straight or will it be wavy? Will it be full and luscious, or will it be flat and boring? Only time will tell.

Continuing with the visually-stimulating essence of this post, I'm going to share what I'm working on for my friend Sara's 80's fantasy birthday party next weekend:

...that's right. I'm going to be Jem. I found a hot pink prom dress at Goodwill over the weekend that I'm going to spruce up as best I can to be the most rockin' cartoon orphanage director there ever was. I even found a tutorial online to do this:

I'm excited!

Spring Fever

Inspired by the beautiful inspiration boards over at Snippet & Ink, I decided to make one myself by recycling images from her boards along with using some that I found myself. While mine certainly has a wedding vibe (and I would love to use it for my wedding), I was mostly driven by spring, which seems to be just a tease over here in the mid-Atlantic (I mean come on: almost 70 degrees on Sunday and 25 today?!). So without further ado, my inspiration board to coax spring into staying:

All photos via Snippet & Ink except...
Row 1, photo 1: Balboa Park, San Diego (
Row 2, photo 1: Photography by bomobob (
Row 2, photo 4: I can't remember!

Just looking at it makes me happy...and warmer!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Robbed by the IRS!

Crisis (potentially) averted!

I had a great day on Friday. There was nothing specific that made it great, but it just was. And then I got home from work and found a notice from the PA Department of Revenue saying that I underpaid my PA taxes by over $700. Over $700?! I already paid them some...and Delaware already got quite a bit back from me, too. So for the states to ask for an additional $1000 from a person in the second-to-lowest income tax bracket is ABSURD.

So I called the Dept. of Revenue today and learned that yes, it is a mistake, because PA was trying to take the money that DE already took. Whew! So I faxed a bunch of paperwork over to them, and now I'm waiting for a phone call saying, "The check's in the mail!" Please ring, phone.

I never plan to work in two different states in a tax year ever again.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Feed me.

I desperately want to write for my favorite blog*, Design*Sponge. Especially now that I know they pay for their writers to travel around to do their research!!! And we all know how jealous I am of these get-paid-to-travel people. I mean, these writers have day jobs and write only weekly columns. I CAN DO THAT!!! Now we're back to the topic dilemma, since sexuality and design don't really go hand in hand (though I could come up with a couple arguments to the contrary, I really don't expect them to fly).

So to soothe my travel bug, the Soltierra trip to Savannah is quickly approaching (get me outta here!!!), and Bobbie and I have hatched a plan for a mid-May tropical getaway...we're still working out the details, as in, um, where we're going. The only stipulation is that it has a beach...a warm one. We'll decide based on flight and hotel availability and price.

My plans for the weekend? Well,
Tonight- I'm going to enjoy a quiet night at home. I tend to do this on Fridays, because I'm usually completely wiped out. I should also hit the gym.

Tomorrow- Waking up bright and early to go to an estate sale and/or thrifting with Sara. Afterwards, we're having a "Cleaning Party" (her attempt at making cleaning and organizing her post-hurricane-looking apartment sound fun) to prepare for her "Birthday Party," which actually is a party for her birthday, in early April. After all that, I will be making some pilaf and heading for to a dinner party in honor of my friend Diana's birthday.

Sunday- Lacking a plan, which is a very good thing. Maybe Steve and I will have another adventure! (Last week we surprised his sister at her improv show in DC.)

Man, I'm hungry.

*Second favorite. We all know foldedandunfoldedandunfolding is my favorite.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Great News!

No, I haven't found a Gooch replacement. But these things are good, too:

One) Even though I'm still in an in between stage with my hair, I've actually been able to do some pretty cute things with it, like pigtails (teeny tiny ones, appropriate for weekends), some flippy styles, and bobby pin creations. My next shaping trim should be in one month. Gotta love progress!

Two) This is big. I still haven't gotten Gardasil, the HPV vaccination, and I'm running out of time (they don't vaccinate people over 26, and it takes almost a year to complete the series). Since I'm also low on cash, I went to craigslist to find studies that I might qualify for as a participant since I made a few pretty pennies doing that in Boston. Lo and behold, I found a study done by Merck (the creators of Gardasil), testing out a new vaccine that protects against nine different strains of HPV (Gardasil vaccinates against four). It's a blind study, so it could turn out that I get Gardasil and not the new one, but either way, I'm getting PAID to get vaccinated!!! I'll also be getting paid to get physicals, pelvic exams, and Pap Smears. This is great.

Three) 11 days 'til Prom!

Four) 14 days 'til Sex Ed Lobby Day!

Five) 20 days 'til Savannah!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Prom Night

I have been working my little (okay, not so little) booty off with all of stuff I've been doing for prom. I'm head of decor (actually, I'm the only one working on decor, since it turns out my subcommittee co-chair didn't do a thing), so everything is image-related.

Here's what I have going:
RED CARPET: I found a really cheap red carpet to run from the entrance, through the lobby, to the stairs leading up to the ballroom. And when I say cheap, I mean inexpensive and also not fantastic quality, but it's meant to be walked on, and it will certainly provide the POP we need against the hardwood floors. Plus, we can't bill it as a "Red Carpet Event" without one.

CENTERPIECES: To save money and to keep with the theme, Cocktails for a Cause (Prom is the formal version of the quarterly "Cocktails" events), I am making little floral arrangements in cocktail glasses! At IKEA, I found martini glasses for .99 each, wine glasses for .83 each, and rocks glasses for .33 cents each. A couple days before the event, I'm going to pick up white carnations and some filler (cheap and chic!). Also, for the bar and hor d'oeuvre tables, I got two kits for AMAZING ostrich feather bouquets in tall, black Eiffel vases. The feathers are black and white, to mirror the black linens and white carnations.

DANCE FLOOR: The dance floor is going to have balloons hanging above (and I mean a lot of them), with silver and gold metallic ribbon hanging down to graze the heads of our boogie-ing guests. The balloons are pearly black, white, and gold. Today, I'm going to pre-cut the ribbon for a smoother set-up on the 28th. This project will also stop me from going shopping.

PICTURES: I enlisted a photographer friend of mine to take "Prom Pictures" of the guests that want to remember the night forever (for a small fee, of course). I found these photo props with face cut-outs that they can pose behind (or in front of, if they want).

COURT: Finally, I purchased a variety of crowns for the Prom Court! While a couple of the crowns are "nicer" for the King and/or Queen (this is definitely not a heterosexist event), I actually like the few crowns I bought for potential princesses the most: they're feathery tiaras!

And that's it! There are a few more little projects here and there that I need to work out (toiletry baskets in the bathrooms, for example), but that's the basic gist. I can't wait for this event-- partly so that I can get all of this stuff out of my living room!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who's Beth Bruce?

Ahhhhhh!!!! I'm going through one of those budget freak-out phases AND I want to shop like crazy right now. I do believe it's a cause-effect kind of relationship. Come on, don't tell me you didn't see it coming! I sat down the other day and calculated how much I'm bringing in versus how much absolutely has to go out, and it was not pretty.

Where, or where, can that new roommate be? Apparently not on craigslist, facebook, myspace, or any other made-up compound word on the interweb. If I'm going to pay a third of this big house and share it with other people, I might as well pay the same amount for half of a smaller place and share it with just Steve.

I've decided to start another blog (in addition to--not to replace--this one). It's called Beth Bruce: The Sex Lady, and I made with the hopes of it becoming a resource for sexuality-related questions, stories, and news. To get it on its feet, I'll probably dig through my students' anonymous questions, as well as my memory of non-anonymous questions that I thought were particularly intriguing or common. The name Beth Bruce comes from the pen name I created--along with some other foundation--for writing erotic stories (I still haven't finished one), and the nickname of "The Sex Lady" comes from my students. I had been wanting to start blogging with a circumscribed topic for quite some time now, and I can't believe it took me this long to realize the perfect one!

I won a happy hour at a bar in the city on Saturday night. Few seem interested, but that's okay with me, since I'm a small group socializer anyway (yes, I made up the word socializer). This happy hour is literally an hour, so I'm thinking about where we should go (to eat, perhaps?) afterward. I've been dying to try out this mac-and-cheese ONLY restaurant for a while...

And I just got a great idea for Sunday: Steve's sister is performing in an improv show in DC, so we're going to take a day trip down to hang out and see her! I don't have to teach on Monday, so a late night won't be too, too bad. Woohoo!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Pro of Cons

Frustration: People just aren't aren't biting at my housing offer. I've gotten a couple nibbles, but when I follow up, they're gone.
Optimistic Outlook: Utilities will be lower, and I have the house to myself very often.

Frustration: MY HAIR!!! It's really out of control.
Optimistic Outlook: That means it's growing. And quickly!

Frustration: I've been feeling sloppy in the wardrobe department lately, and I don't feel comfortable putting out the funds to remedy it (mostly because I'm paying extra rent).
Optimistic Outlook: This is an opportunity to get creative?

Frustration: It seems like this school year will never end.
Optimistic Outlook: Spring break is less than a month away, and Steve and I are going to Savannah! My classes will be wrapping up only a matter of weeks after that.

Whew! I feel better.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

has spring sprung?

I did it already. I bought an item at Goodwill specifically to sell on Etsy, and as I was taking pictures of it for the listing, I decided to keep it for myself. How obnoxious.

Anyway, although it's not quite over yet (thankfully), I would like to say now that this weekend was fantastic. My friend Sheila and I attended the Drexel Art Auction on Friday, where I met more neat people (most from NYC, but still fun for an evening). I ended up crashing in the city at Sheila's, so we went to brunch the next day with the group from the night before. After that, I ran some prom decor errands, and came home. Steve and I caught up on Lost (what the heck?!), I got my snake ring that I bought on Etsy in the mail (!!!), relaxed a little, reached out to some other friends, and eventually went back to Sheila's for dinner (homemade Indian food? Yes please!). Today, Steve and I went for a long walk, and I learned that he used to hate music. Uh...what? Oh, and here's the kicker: it's been about 70 degrees all weekend. Sigh.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Yes, please.

Despite not having a wedding date in sight, I have found my dress. Maybe I'll just marry it:

Sunday, March 1, 2009


It seems as though the Blog Gods were listening. Steve and I spent a lot of yesterday together, and it's looking like today is going to be a repeat performance! That's better.

The guy that was supposed to look at the room in our house didn't end up coming by and still hasn't called to reschedule. I'm getting worried, since he was the only person that has responded to any of my posts, and my offer is only getting older and forgotten about. We've already paid extra for March, and it hurts. Argh. Blog Gods, are you listening to this one???