Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last weekend, a photographer-friend of mine and I hit the town for a little photo shoot to beef up his portfolio and try out a new flash he bought.  Sunday was unseasonably warm (like today!  It's so nice!), so it was a great day to frolic and pose.  Anyway, I saw a few of the pictures today, and I'm very excited to share a couple of my favorites once I'm able.  I'm just a little stumped right now, though, because I don't have anything to do with really nice portraits of myself!  Any ideas besides sending one to my grandma?

Roommate Update:
Gooch is moving out.  My first thought when he made his announcement was, "Woohoo, one less person in this single-bathroom house!"   But then I thought about the financial implications of the news, and realized that I really do need that fourth person to alleviate the rent and other bills.  So we're searching for that fourth person to move in in March and finish out the lease with us, and it's proven to be quite difficult.  We had one lined up, but now he's saying he's not sure.  Rob refuses to turn to craigslist (or look anywhere, really), and I would really rather not split the expenses into thirds.  So now it's looking like someone is going to have to step in, or someone needs to back down.  Auuuuggh, is our lease over yet???

And finally, TILFT:
Saturday: Valentine's Day!  I'm surprisingly not as grossed out by it all as I usually am.  Steve has a gig on Saturday night, but we're both free during the day, so the plan is to spend some afternoon time together.  We don't have any concrete plans yet, but I'm sure we'll think of something.  It'll be cold again, so we shall see...

Sunday: My birthday party!  I gave everyone the time and location, and all everyone (including myself) has to do is show up!  That simple, that easy.  I'm excited!

...and that's about it for the near future!  The downtime my short list suggests is definitely another thing I'm looking forward to.

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