Saturday, February 14, 2009

In Memoriam (+ some)

Thursday was a windy, windy day and night.  Crossing the bridge that separates my neighborhood from the city (after unwinding with some drinks and karaoke with friends) was a scary experience.  But I imagine it was much more scary for something else.  When I parked my car in our driveway, I discovered this:

One of the trees in our backyard had snapped, presumably because of the wind.  It's kind of hard to tell from the pictures, but while this tree is not oak-like in its size, it is still quite a substantial provider of foliage.  In fact, when I lie in the backyard in the summer, I sometimes curse the tree for providing too much shade.  I'm sorry, Tree!  You were beautiful!

Does anyone know what to do next?  Perhaps we can drag it to the little forest behind our house.  Or I can whittle it into something.  That'd be pretty cool.

image from xkcd.

So today is St. Valentine's big day!  I read a really great article at Design*Sponge yesterday about the significance of flowers.  One thing from it that I wanted to share was this, about roses:

"It is said that cupid, while shooting arrows at bees that had stung him, created thorns on rose stems where his arrows missed. "

I love that.  I don't remember learning it from my mythology class in high school, but we certainly didn't cover everything about every character.

So far, Steve and my plans consist of:
1. Picking my car up from Toyota.  I got home too late last night to pick it up then.
2. Lunch.  What a wonderful way to save on Valentine's Day!  Forget making dinner reservations a month in advance and shelling out more than you make in a week (well, at least more than I make) on one night.  Go to lunch!
3. Gift exchange?  I got/DIY'd a little something for him, and I have a sneaking suspicion he did something for me, too, even though we agreed not to.  You may throw up now.
4. An activity of some sort.  We've both been so busy lately, we have only really been spending time together at dance class, once a week.  I'm still prowling sites like yelp, gophila, and uwishunu for ideas while Steve sleeps, and it might depend on where we pick for lunch.

I don't have any plans tonight (Steve's working).  I keep thinking that maybe I should pull a Beyonce and round up all the single ladies to go out tonight, but I really don't want to/shouldn't spend any money.  Maybe I should have them come over instead...hmm...

Alright, well this post has turned into quite the stream of consciousness, and that's only so fun for so long.

Happy weekend, everyone!

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