Thursday, January 22, 2009

TILFT and Ketchup

Saturday: Gay Bingo! I'm so excited for this because:
1) Bingo rocks.
2) The prizes are great (up to $1000 cash).
3) The Bingo Verifying Divas (BVDs) are drag queens on roller skates.
4) The BVDs sing and dance.
5) This month's theme is Lipstick and Leather.

Sunday: Inspiration/Vision Board making at Diana's. I'm planning to make mine to fit inside one of my many LP frames. I'm also very curious to see how my goals and hopes for the year are manifested in collage (or if I opt to just make something pretty/interesting). Also, Steve and I are going to watch last night's episode of Lost-- the premiere event!

Tuesday: Dance class and my birthday dinner! I love that Center City Restaurant Week and my birthday coincide. This year, we're heading to Tequila's.

Wednesday: My birthday! The school district has a half-day, so I'll be spending part of my 24th teaching, and part of it at the office. The rest...probably vegging out.

Next weekend: A visit from Bobbie, perhaps? Hmm???

And interesting things that happened (ITTH? Maybe just catch-up. Ooh! I should call this segment Ketchup!):
+ I'm a distant relative of that Mark Mudd guy that auditioned for American Idol (and didn't make it) in Louisville, KY. I want to track him down and see if we can piece together a family tree or something.

+ Steve and I had late-Christmas dinner at his parents'. Dinner was delicious and the presents are fantastic! Among them: an amaryllis, a matching earrings and bracelet set, an awesome necklace from Steve's sister, and some kitchen stuff.

+ I got my birthday box from my mom, and inside was the quilt she made for me! It's GORGEOUS. I'm going to have to take a picture and post it.

+ I spent last weekend with some family in Long Island and had a wonderful time.

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