Thursday, January 8, 2009


While I am anti-New Year's resolutions, I am definitely pro-resolutions in general.  When I resolve to do something new, different, or better, I start it right away.  True, sometimes my resolutions coincide with the new year, but that doesn't make them New Year's resolutions to me. 

Anyway, some resolutions I'm currently working on:

1) Spending smarter.

2) Saving.

3) Staying healthy.  By this I don't mean losing weight and all that stuff.  I mean that I get sick way too often, and I need to seriously work on doing things (or not doing things) to keep myself healthy.  Some initiatives include:
3a. Exercise more regularly.  I feel good and have more energy when I exercise.
3b. Eat healthy, balanced, meals.  The problem with this one is #s 1 and 2 on this list.  It's really unfortunate, but in our world, eating right and saving money don't seem to live harmoniously.
3c. Wash my hands more thoroughly and more often.  I'm not saying I don't wash my hands regularly and when I'm supposed to, but I bet I could be better.  The obstacle with this one is that my skin is so sensitive that a lot of soaps irritate and dry out my skin.  I have hand sanitizer that I've been using when the soap looks not-so Nina-friendly.
3d. Stop touching my face!  Along with having cleaner hands, I'm going to make a conscious effort to stop touching my face so much.  It's hard.  Just yesterday I caught myself rubbing my eye and wondered how many times I did it without catching myself.  This resolution is also for clearer skin.

4) Being more creative.  This one works with spending and saving, as creativity is often necessary to avoid spending tons of money.  I've also noticed that I've had an ongoing creative urge lately, and none of my little projects (a Sharpie and notepad still life of the objects on the coffee table, a mini inspiration collage, and a revamp of my jewelry organization system) seem to be quenching my artistic thirst.

5) Getting "with it" more.  A lot of people would probably say that I am very much with the program, but there are times when I just let go of some things that I would like to be doing, like writing thoughtful letters to faraway friends and getting the electrical stuff checked out on my car.

There are certainly more, but those are the ones in the very front of my mind, things I consider to be works in progress.  And now that I've written them down and published them, I'm more likely to do them! (Or at least work very diligently on them.)

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