Friday, January 30, 2009

Mane Squeeze

I last got my hair trimmed on January 2nd-- for some shaping during the tumultuous time that is growing my hair out-- and in the past couple days, my hair has actually felt longer and cute because I can put it behind my ears!  It looks pretty close to the Mandy Moore picture from my previous Hairspiration post.

Having reached Checkpoint #1, I think it's time for some new inspiration pictures:

It's clear that this is a shot of Selma Blair while growing out her pixie, but this in between style is cute enough for someone to ask their stylist for.  While it looks like the back is more sculpted and trimmed than mine is now, all of the hair on top is longer and one length; I'm not quite there yet.

I find pictures of Mandy Moore and Ashley Scott to be really helpful because they both went through the in between stage very gracefully.

And this one could either be awesome or a disaster due to its similarity to a mullet.  I actually feel very close to this one right now, but it's hard to tell because I rarely get a profile view of myself.

And finally....

...can I just say how ADORABLE Katie Holmes' hair looks in the latest issue of InStyle?  Once I get to that length, I may just have to stay put for a few months (and also break out the curling iron).

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